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Luke Perry Dies

On March 4th, 2019, Luke Perry died of a massive stroke that occurred 5 days earlier. Read the article at the TMZ website.

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If you are looking for the website, it is here.

Quick Reference Guides

These guides contain a reference to all ten years of the series. Also included are cast images, movies and audio from the opening/closing theme music, to show how the cast and music has changed over the years.

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Episodes Renumbered

All two-hr episodes that had a single production number and a single title, are really only single episodes. The Fox numbering system was incorrect.


Monday January 24 1:01 AM ET
Fox bids adieu to BH 90210, Party of Five
By Michael Schneider

NEW ORLEANS (Variety) - After 10 seasons, countless cast changes and even more hairstyles, "Beverly Hills, 90210" will end its run at the end of this season. "Party of Five," now in its sixth season, will also retire after this broadcast year. With two of its long-term players departing the schedule, and the possibility that "The X-Files" also might end, Fox may be forced to fill a large number of holes in its primetime lineup this fall. Fox execs had previously said "90210" would air as many as 12 fresh episodes in the summer. Thats unlikely now. The series' high costs, dwindling ratings and cast departures all fueled the decisions to pull the plug. Fox execs were apparently unwilling to continue to pay the ever-increasing license fees on "90210," which hover around $2.2 million per episode. It didn't help that the two longtime Wednesday stalwarts have stumbled in the ratings since being separated this season. Season to date, "90210" has averaged 8.4 million viewers, while "PO5," which moved to Tuesdays this season, has averaged 6.8 million viewers. Moreover, many of "90210's" remaining original cast members, including Brian Austin Green and possibly even Tori Spelling, are planning on leaving the show at the end of the season. The same is true at "Party of Five" where Neve Campbell, among others, is also expected to depart. Fox is unlikely to go forward with a "90210" spinoff.


It was revealed in the January 17, 2000, issue of Variety that Fox has plans to air new episodes of several shows through the summer, including 90210.

This is the Last Season for 90210

It was revealed in the October 18, 1999, issue of Broadcasting & Cable that this will be the last season for the show.

Fox Orders at Least 28 Hours For Tenth Season

FOX Broadcasting Company has ordered at least 28 hours. When asked (9/23/99), the reply was... "So far... 28 and counting..." If they only do 28 hours, that will make 294 episodes when the series finishes (assuming this is the last season :-) Fox claims to be doing the 300th episode this season. Of course, they cheat when they count episodes and specials.

Fox Renews 'Beverly Hills, 90210' For Tenth Season

FOX Broadcasting Company has picked up its long-running hit drama BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 for the 1999-2000 season, it was announced today by Doug Herzog, President, Entertainment, FOX Broadcasting Company.

"BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 is one of the most entertaining ensemble dramas on television and we're happy to bring it back for a tenth season," Herzog said.

For the current 1998-99 season, BEVERLY HILLS, 90120 is #1 in its timeslot, Wednesdays (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT), among Women 18-34 (10.9 rating/30 share), Women 18-49 (7.7/20) and Adults 18-34 (8.4/25). Among all regular FOX series, the show ranks #2 with Women 18-34 (10.9/30), trailing only its lead-out, PARTY OF FIVE.

When compared with all network regular series programming, BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 ranks #7 among Women 18-34 (10.9/30).

"I look forward to another terrific season with FOX and the talented cast and crew of BEVERLY HILLS, 90210," commented executive producer Aaron Spelling.

Veteran cast members returning will be Jennie Garth, Tori Spelling, Luke Perry, Brian Austin Green, Ian Ziering, Vincent Young, Lindsay Price, Vanessa Marcil, Daniel Cosgrove and Joe E. Tata.

BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 is enjoyed by a wide audience both in the United States and abroad. It is seen by an estimated 200 million people around the world and ranks as one of the most watched American television shows internationally.

BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 is a Spelling Television Inc production. Aaron Spelling, E. Duke Vincent, Paul Waigner and John Eisendrath are the executive producers. Laurie McCarthy and Doug Steinberg are the co-executive producers. Brian Austin Green is a producer.


Gabrielle Carteris - 1/02/61
Shannon Doherty - 4/12/71
Jennie Garth - 4/03/72
Brian Austin Green - 7/15/73
Luke Perry - 10/11/66
Jason Priestley - 8/28/69
Tiffani-Amber Thiessen - 1/23/74
Ian Ziering - 3/30/64

Printed Version

A PostScript version of each of the years is available for your printing pleasure. Each of the document links below point to a PostScript file that has been formatted for double-sided printing on your favorite PostScript printer. Yes, you read correctly, you must have a PostScript printer. Sorry, but the printed version is not available for any other type of printer and the source files are not available either.

Each of the years are available separately, for when a year is updated, the whole guide does not need to be reprinted, just the year, and maybe the index.

Select a section to view on-line (if you can automatically uncompress the file), otherwise do a Save Link As... to capture the PostScript file on your hard disk. The listed size is the compressed size. The files are compressed with the GNU GZIP program. The following versions are available from & AOL: Unix, MS-DOS and the Mac.

Section Size Updated Section Size Updated
Cover 609,716 5/26/98 Year 6 926,444 5/26/98
Year 1 983,195 5/26/98 Year 7 1,010,426 5/26/98
Year 2 795,577 5/26/98 Year 8 7,597,521 5/26/98
Year 3 70,924 5/26/98 Cast Index 57,787 5/26/98
Year 4 74,241 5/26/98 Title Index 27,852 5/26/98
Year 5 69,105 5/26/98 Complete 12,125,560 5/26/98

Note About Episode Numbering

I have been informed by FOX, that all two-hour episodes are considered to be two episodes. Here is what FOX told me about how they order episodes:

I went on to ask about how FOX internally numbers the episodes:

So, even though the 200th episode is only the 196th episode aired, according to the sequential count, it isn't by FOX's numbering system. Even with this explanation from FOX, I am unable to get the episode count to match Fox. I'm not even going to try, because when it was announced that Fox's cable channel, fX, obtained the exclusive rights to the series, it gave the episode count as 240, which exactly matches my count for eight seasons.

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