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1 BH-100 10/04/90 [unknown] 2190000 Pilot
Debut: 16-year-old fraternal twins Brandon and Brenda Walsh adjust to life at West Beverly Hills High after moving from Minneapolis. In the opener, Brandon gains notoriety after his first date, and Brenda dates a lawyer after using an altered ID to get into a dance club.

Maryanne Moore: Leslie Bega. [unknown]: Richard Cummings, Jr. Ridley: Josh Mostel. Ms. Montes De La Rosa: Bel Sandre. Jason: Maxwell Caulfield. Flash: Deon Sams. Secretary: Penny Holland. Overweight Girl: Jo-Ann Henrich. Lunch Boy: Kevin O'Sullivan. Lunch Girl: Lisa Ann Cabasa. Jock: Louie Sabatasso. Cathy: Dulcie Hunt. Michelle: Jocelyn Peden. Party Jock #1: Glenn Quinn. Party Jock #2: Randy Matick. Kid: Jason Luckett. Doorman: Djimon. Ron: Clint Allen. Jackie: Pamela Galloway. Waitress: Kim Lentz. Flower Delivery Man: Ernesto Hernandez. Track Kid #1: Brian Evans. Track Kid #2: Darrin Dotson. Guy in Hall: John Asher. Mrs. Dubois: Maria Christina Vitulli. Waiter: Brian Straub.
[1.5 hrs 8:30pm ET] [Syndicated version runs as two one-hour episodes]

2 BH-101 10/11/90 9/17/90 2190001 The Green Room
The Walshes come to see that style is no substitute for substance as Brandon hits the beach with one new friend who may have both, and another who fears she has neither, while Brenda is left high and dry there by style-conscious Kelly.

Betty/Sarah: Heather McAdam. Ms. Rye: Nancy Paul. Eric: Jonathan Pekar. [unknown]: Troy Shire. [unknown]: Raoul N. Rizik. [unknown]: Helena Apothaker. [unknown]: Steve Messina. [unknown]: Milt Tarver. [unknown]: Nicolas Read. [unknown]: Kelli Brook.

3 BH-102 10/18/90 9/27/90 2190002 Every Dream Has Its Price
Brenda's new friend has a problem, in which Brenda suddenly finds herself included. Meanwhile, Brandon gets a job, and Cindy gets a maid, against her wishes.

Tiffany: Noëlle Parker. Ms. Rye: Nancy Paul. Nataniel 'Nat' Buccigio: Joe E. Tata. Anna: Luisa Leschin. Cathy Gerson: Valerie Landsburg. [unknown]: Jennifer Blanc. [unknown]: Michael Wolff. [unknown]: Noël Alumit. [unknown]: Taunie Vrenon.

4 BH-104 10/25/90 10/17/90 2190004 The First Time
Brandon gets a visit from his Minneapolis girlfriend, who brings pleasure one night but pain the next. Meanwhile, Brenda has an adventure in baby-sitting for a hunk teacher.

Sheryl: Paula Irvine. Matt Brody: Tim Dunigan. Mrs. Brody: Beth Taylor. [unknown]: Ross Malinger. [unknown]: Sara Rose Johnson. [unknown]: Sally Champlin. [unknown]: Duncan C. MacFarlane. [unknown]: Cathy Hwang.

5 BH-103 11/01/90 [unknown] 2190003 One on One
Recruits from outside the school district may sink Brandon's shot at making the basketball team. Meanwhile, Brenda takes her third-or fourth-shot at driver's training.

James: Tico Wells. Coach Reilly: Scott Williamson. Nataniel 'Nat' Buccigio: Joe E. Tata. [unknown]: Roger Hampton. [unknown]: Greg Rusin. Karton: Joshua Karton. [unknown]: Patty Toy. [unknown]: Don Barnes.

6 BH-105 11/15/90 10/25/90 2190005 Higher Education
Cheating seems justified to Brandon when he feels victimized by a teacher's grading curve. Meanwhile, Brenda suffers from poor hair coloring.

[unknown]: Bill Morey. Nataniel 'Nat' Buccigio: Joe E. Tata.

7 BH-106 11/22/90 11/05/90 2190006 Perfect Mom
Brenda envies Kelly's relationship with her hip-looking mom, until she sees another side at a public event, where Andrea blossoms.

Jackie Taylor: Ann Gillespie. [unknown]: Nancy Paul. [unknown]: Linda Thompson. [unknown]: Jordana Capra.

8 BH-107 11/29/90 11/12/90 2190007 Seventeen Year Itch
A reunion with the dashing photographer who introduced them in college illuminates some stress between Cindy and Jim, whose differences are reflected in their kids.

Glen Evans: Stan Ivar. Ms. Rye: Nancy Paul. [unknown]: Bruce Gray. Anna: Luisa Leschin. [unknown]: Arthur Ross. [unknown]: Robert Ross. Mrs. Teasley: Denise Dowse.

9 BH-108 12/06/90 11/27/90 2190008 The Gentle Art of Listening
On a teen help line, untrained volunteer Brenda becomes the trusted contact for a date-rape victim. Meanwhile, Brandon falls for a worldly older woman.

Bonnie: Lisa Dean Ryan. Nataniel 'Nat' Buccigio: Joe E. Tata. Nina: Kim Gillingham. Carol: Dale Weston. [unknown]: Pat O'Neal. [unknown]: Michael Woolson. [unknown]: William Forward. [unknown]: Heather Hopper. [unknown]: Dina Dayrit. [unknown]: Curt Cornelius. [unknown]: Heather Elias. [unknown]: Charles Emmett. [unknown]: Hope Levy.

10 BH-109 1/03/91 [unknown] 2190009 Isn't It Romantic?
While Brandon is wary, Jim is definately opposed to the growing attraction between Brenda and Dylan.

Stacy Sloan: Kathy Molter. Kravitz: Raymond Singer. [unknown]: Terrence Ford. Blonde: Jaclyn Gradinger.

11 BH-110 1/10/91 [unknown] 2190010 BYOB
Brandon's first experience with tequila isn't as meaningful as his second, when he and Brenda host a party while their parents are away.

[unknown]: Bobbi Jo Lathan. [unknown]: Richard Paul. [unknown]: Larry Marks. [unknown]: Gregg Rogen. [unknown]: Nathan Higgins. [unknown]: Dani Lee. [unknown]: Susannah Todd.


1/17/91 Preempted for: Desert Storm coverage
12 BH-111 1/24/91 [unknown] 2190011 One Man and a Baby
Brandon gets a taste of parenthood from his date - and her child. Brenda jumps at her radio contest prize - skydiving.

[unknown]: Kristin Dattilo. Nataniel 'Nat' Buccigio: Joe E. Tata. [unknown]: Melinda Fee. Don: Paul Satterfield. [unknown]: Dianne Buck. Blonde: Jaclyn Gradinger. [unknown]: Briana & Kelsea Clark. Joey: Daniel & William Van Duzer.
[Note: Some areas of the country saw Desert Storm coverage, resulting in this episode being repeated on 4/04/91.]

13 BH-112 1/31/91 1/21/91 2190012 Slumber Party
Kelly's friend brings an attitude to Brenda's girls' night in. Meanwhile, Steve and Brandon walk a lonely road on a night out with two comely women.

Kelly's friend: Michele Abrams. Woman #1: Julie McCullough. Woman #2: Judie Aronson. [unknown]: Michael Chieffo. [unknown]: Oscar Dillon.

14 BH-114 2/14/91 [unknown] 2190014 Eastside Story
Brandon and an East L.A. exchange student overcome initial hostilities, while the Walshes remain hostile to an unwelcome visitor surprisingly common in Beverly Hills.

Cameo: Debbie Gibson. [Exchange student]: Karla Montana. [unknown]: Luisa Leschin. Nataniel 'Nat' Buccigio: Joe E. Tata. Becky Wilerson: Joanne Astrow. Chick Schneider: Mark Lonow. Richard Rodriques: John Vargas.

15 BH-115 2/21/91 [unknown] 2190015 Palm Springs Week-end
Plans for a Palm Springs weekend include time alone for Dylan and Brenda, but not time with David's grandparents, who turn out to be much cooler than David.

[David's Grandfather]: Al Ruscio. [David's Grandmother]: Erica Yohn. [unknown]: John Christian Graas. [unknown]: Shana Furlow. [unknown]: David Gail. Janie: Laurie Plaxen. Desk Clerk: Bud Leslie.

16 BH-113 2/28/91 [unknown] 2190013 Fame Is Where You Find It
The right look at the right place at the right time gets Brandon a shot at TV stardom, while Brenda plays a role covering for Brandon at his restaurant job.

Lydia: Marcy Kaplan. Nataniel 'Nat' Buccigio: Joe E. Tata. [unknown]: Amy Hill. Jake: Alan Blumenfeld. Sean: Graham Galloway. [unknown]: Rowdy Metzger. [unknown]: Meliss Rivers. [unknown]: Julie Gill. [unknown]: Maureen Macke. [unknown]: Sean Moran.

17 BH-116 3/07/91 [unknown] 2190016 Stand Up and Deliver
Kelly and Andrea take different tacks helping Brandon run for class president, while Brenda seeks to run her own ship-out of school and away from home.

Sky: Carrie Hamilton. Jack: Tom McTigue. [unknown]: Scott Fults. [unknown]: Marion Ramsey. Repossessor: Mik Scriba. Girl Passerby: Carmen Mejia. Teacher: Beverly Nero.

18 BH-117 3/28/91 [unknown] 2190017 It's Only a Test
Worries about SATs take a back sear when Brenda finds a lump in her breast, a fear heightened by her family's medical history.

Dr. Natalie Donner: Melinda Culea. Parker: Bart Braverman. Proctor: Jay Levey.

19 BH-118 4/11/91 [unknown] 2190018 April is the Cruelest Month
Brandon suspects that the driving force ehind the school's tennis star may drive the boy to drastic action-with a gun. Meanwhile, SAT scores have Donna suspecting a bleak future.

Tennis star: Matthew Perry. [unknown]: Sharon Case. Counselor: Denise Y. Dowse. Azarian: Nicolas Coster. Coach Markham: Gregory Burns. Psychiatrist: David Charles. History Teacher: Beverly Nero.

20 BH-119 4/25/91 4/01/91 2190019 Spring Training
Spoiled kids with smart mouths-and meddling parents with designer snacks-spoil Brandon's enthusiasm for coaching baseball; an ailing Jim howls at Brenda's request to keep a stray dog.

Nataniel 'Nat' Buccigio: Joe E. Tata. Fletcher: Norman Parker. Noah: Davey Roberts. [unknown]: Damion Stevens. Cory: Paige Cosney. Nan Guersy: Georgina Lindsey. Crawford: Bo Sharon. Mannie: Jerrod Stevens. Umpire: Hank Robinson. Wally: Magic.

21 BH-121 5/02/91 4/16/91 2190021 Spring Dance
It's the big spring dance, and the chance of romance is good for Dylan and Brenda, possible for Kelly and Brandon and nil for Steve, who carries a torch that's about as cumbersome as his date's dress.

Nataniel 'Nat' Buccigio: Joe E. Tata. [unknown]: Sharon Case. The Rave-Ups: Jimmy Podrasky. The Rave-Ups: Terry Wilson. The Rave-Ups: Tommy Blatnik. The Rave-Ups: Tim Jimenez.

22 BH-120 5/09/91 [unknown] 2190020 Home Again
The family's excitement over Jim's promotion is short-lived when he reveals it means moving back to Minnesota.

[unknown]: Luisa Leschin. Nataniel 'Nat' Buccigio: Joe E. Tata. [unknown]: Linden Chiles. [unknown]: Steve Gagnon. Ruth : Kendall Carly Brown. Dan Simons: Michael Stuno. Matt Fries: Jack West.


The Master Date refers to the date the edited master was created for the international sales satellite feed.

The Prod Num refers to the production number assigned to the episode by the production company. It is not the number assigned to the episode by FOX.

The FOX #s have been verified by FOX.

All shows aired Thursday at 9:00pm ET, except as noted.

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