Beverly Hills 90210

Season 10 Quick Reference Guide

Year Ten Cast

Main Cast
Kelly Taylor
Steve Sanders
David Silver
Donna Martin
Noah Hunter
Gina Kincaid
Janet Sosna
Matt Durning
Nataniel 'Nat' Buccigio

      Jennie Garth
Ian Ziering
Brian Austin Green
Tori Spelling
Vincent Young
Vanessa Marcil [through 2199275]
Lindsay Price
Daniel Cosgrove
Joe E. Tata [through 2199271,
Joe E. Tata 2199279,
Joe E. Tata 2199282-2199285]
[Special Guest Star]
Dylan McKay       Luke Perry

Opening Title Sequence

Fox Promos

260 BH-1001 9/08/99 9/07/99 [unknown] 2199259 The Phantom Menace
Who's the Victim Here?
Return: Kelly is questioned by the police in the 10th-season opener, which picks up immediately after her shooting of the man who raped her. Will Kelly Taylor ever find happiness? "I'm rooting for her to not," says Jennie Garth (Kelly). "I enjoy sinking my teeth into the dramatic, traumatic storylines they give me. At some point, though, I'd like to sit down and collect all the terrible things that have happened to this girl!" While authorities determine that the incident is indeed self-defense, they still want to prosecute her for the gun, revealed to have been stolen. Meanwhile, Kelly's friends rush to support here - but not necessarily each other.
[unknown]: Shawn Christian. Joe Patch: Cliff Dorfman. Detective Hayes: Phil Morris. Cherise: Elizabeth Bogush. TV Reporter: Katherine Disque. Officer Thompson: Kevin Fry. Sally: Hilary Salvatore. Paramedic: David A. Saunders. Hector: Joe Torrenueva.
[31/6.5/12 (6.2/11:6.9/12)]
261 BH-1002 9/15/99 9/14/99 [unknown] 2199260 Let's Eat Cake
Steve mistakes Janet's secret; Donna finds Noah closed to reconciliation; Gina keeps David from his surprise party; Dylan gets legal aid for an old friend.
Cherise: Elizabeth Bogush. Lucy: Melissa Renee Martin. Special Musical Guest: Christina Aguilera. Gavin Masonis: William Akey. Detective Bob: Michael Devorzon. Shy Man: Ted Hardwick. Guy: Scott Rinker.
[41/6.2/11 (5.7/10:6.7/11)]
262 BH-1003 9/22/99 9/21/99 [unknown] 2199261 You Better Work
Dylan is denied a return to academia; troops assemble to salvage the reopening of Donna's store after a Gina-related fire; realities of fatherhood strike Steve.
Dr. Lecksis: Richard Biggs. Cherise: Elizabeth Bogush. Pia Swanson: Josie DiVincenzo. Dr. Nicki Long: Nancy Moonves. Erich: Peter Gibson. Christian Sutton: Richard Keats.
[72/5.8/10 (5.3/9:6.2/10)]
263 BH-1004 9/29/99 9/28/99 [unknown] 2199262 A Fine Mess
Steve practices proposals to Janet, who still wants no part; Dylan asks Gina to move out; Matt's cautious view of marriage angers Kelly; David makes a date part of his radio show.
Dr. Nicki Long: Nancy Moonves. Robyn: Brittney Powell. Judy Spencer: PaSean Wilson. Rick Miller: Robert Caso. Chet: Nick Cornish. Paul [Spencer]: Scotch Ellis Loring.
[65/6.0/10 (5.6/10:6.4/10)]
264 BH-1005 10/20/99 10/19/99 [unknown] 2199263 The Loo-Ouch
Family causes stress for Janet and Steve; friends offer to make room for a nursery - by moving out; David missteps with Robyn.
Rush Sanders: Jed Allen. Michelle Sosna: Leslie Ishii. Dr. Nicki Long: Nancy Moonves. Robyn: Brittney Powell. Ben Sosna: James Shigeta. Karen Lewis: Lisa Thornhill. Andrew Emery: Robb Derringer. Arturo: Alvin Alvarez. Migel: Ulysses Cuadra. Maria Alvarez: Eliana. Greg Darwin: Tom Astor. Customer: Danielle Aubry. Trish Jansen: Jaime Bergman. Waiter: Joe Ho. Hector: Joe Torrenueva.
[64/5.7/10 (5.5/9:6.0/10)]
265 BH-1006 10/27/99 10/26/99 [unknown] 2199264 80's Night
David's radio persona gets flack-and ratings; Matt tries to overturn a death sentence for a rapist-murderer; the after-hours club attracts the wrong attention; Steve haunts the house.
Walter Hawkins: Brant Cotton. Mel Silver: Matthew Laurance. Tony: David O'Donnell. Sydney Gates: Jill Remez. Rick Ajami: Eric Saiet. Mrs. Patch: Jean Bruce Scott. Reporter: Larry McCormick. Pinky: Carla Betz. Pete Hawkins: R. Keith Harris. Officer Peters: Robert Keith. Mr. Patch: Billy Maddox. Princess: Katelin Peterson. Cab Driver: Antonio Lewis Todd. Amber: Jodi Lea Webster. Lap Dancer: Sandy Wasko.
[74/5.5/9 (5.2/8:5.8/9)]
266 BH-1007 11/03/99 11/02/99 [unknown] 2199265 Laying Pipe
Kelly and Dylan are asked to be godparents by Janet and Steve, who hesitates to trade in his 'Vette for a mini-van; a homeless man's death affects Donna.
Walter Hawkins: Brant Cotton. Marta: Tami-Adrian George. Pastor Neal: Ken Jenkins. [unknown]: Clyde Kusatsu. Mel Silver: Matthew Laurance. [unknown]: Eamonn Roche. Marv: Ivan Basso. Paramedic: Sean C. Ching. News Anchor: Alan Frio. Ray: Eric Leviton. Willard Reiner: Bart McCarthy. Alex: Denyn Pysz. Phil: Phil Weyland. Performance Artist: Jean-Luc Martin.
[73/5.8/9 (5.7/9:6.0/10)]
267 BH-1008 11/10/99 11/09/99 11/01/99 2199266 Baby, You Can Drive My Car
Dylan is hurt in a gay-bashing incident; Kelly blames Noah for Jackie and Mel's separation; Janet and Steve corral the gang into a scavenger hunt; Gina feels slighted by Dylan.
Andrew Emery: Robb Derringer. Pastor Neal: Ken Jenkins. Tyson: Kevin Brief. Dr. Abrams: Monique Edwards. Mrs. Fike: Peggy Stewart. Thug #1: Bryan Souders.
[81/5.8/9 (5.7/9:6.0/9)]
11/17/99 11/16/99 [unknown] 2199267
Family Tree
What's in a Name
Kelly learns that Gina blackmailed Mel; Dylan goes to bat for Andrew; Janet goes into premature labor; Donna learns of a past indescretion by her father.
Family Tree Cast:
Jackie Taylor: Ann Gillespie. Erin Silver: Mercedes Kastner. Dr. Nicki Long: Nancy Moonves. Patsy Regan: Janet Carroll. Andrew Emery: Robb Derringer. Henry Regan: Zach Bostrom. Nurse: Alicia R. Cole. Milt Barsukiewicz: Marty Ryan.
What's in a Name Cast:
Jackie Taylor: Ann Gillespie. Erin Silver: Mercedes Kastner. Dr. Nicki Long: Nancy Moonves. Felice Martin: Katherine Cannon. Dr. Martin: Michael Durrell. Nurse: Alicia R. Cole.
[Note: The production number for the 2-hr version is 2199801.]
[74/6.2/10 (5.5/9:5.7/9:6.5/10:7.2/11)]
270 BH-1011 12/15/99 12/14/99 [unknown] 2199269 Sibling Revelry
Dylan's expensive gift to Kelly disturbs Matt; Donna tells Gina their whole story, but learns Noah hasn't told all of his; Steve becomes overprotective of Madeline.
Woman: Dianne Turley Travis.
[72/5.5/9 (5.2/9:5.7/9)]
271 BH-1012 12/22/99 12/21/99 [unknown] 2199270 Nine Yolks Whipped Lightly
Gina's meeting with her father is unsatisfying, similar to Janet and her parents; Donna can't let go of Noah's accident; Dylan loses control in front of kids, and has second thoughts about Kelly, but is too late.
Felice Martin: Katherine Cannon. Andrew Emery: Robb Derringer. Dr. Martin: Michael Durrell. Michelle Sosna: Leslie Ishii. [unknown]: Andre Jamal Kinney. R.J.: Louis Mustillo. Ben Sosna: James Shigeta. Marcus Behr: Tom Virtue. Girl: Nija Murphy. Employee: Jason Clodfelter. Justin: Sean Michael Boivin. Volunteer: Eva Fisher.
[58/5.3/9 (5.0/9:5.7/10)]
272 BH-1013 1/12/00 1/11/00 [unknown] 2199271 Tainted Love
The loss of a client puts Matt in financial straits; Dylan grows uncomfortable about godparenting with Kelly; others benefit from a man's crush on Donna.
Mark: Chris Payne Gilbert. Pastor: Ken Jenkins. Josie Oliver: Sydney Penny. Marcus Behr: Tom Virtue. Shane: Jesse Hoffman. Merritt: Terri Hoyos. Waitress: Vanessa Gleason. Jenna: Stephanie Keeney. Clerk: Nabila Khashoggi.
[82/5.0/8 (5.0/8:5.1/8)]
273 BH-1014 1/19/00 [1/18/00] [unknown] 2199272 I'm Using You 'Cause I Like You
Donna and David meet promising new mates; Kelly decides to quit the store; Matt violates his suspension; Dylan suffers from fast-lane acquaintances; the Sanders' hire a nanny.
Darby: Jill Bennett. Chrissy: Robyn Bliley. Shane: Jesse Hoffman. Everardo: Danny Mora. Josie Oliver: Sydney Penny. Jerry: Steve Wilder. Special Musical Guest: Nu Flavor. Angie Ashe: Gloria Dorson. Officer #1: Michael H. Moss. Det. Stone: Charles Walker. Photographer: Burt Bulos. Waiter: Sean Douglas. Limo Driver: Alan Goodson. Jerry's Wife: Tina Morasco.
[78/5.1/8 (4.9/8:5.3/8)]
274 BH-1015 1/26/00 1/25/00 [unknown] 2199273 Fertile Ground
Matt's brother asks a very personal favor; Steve tells Janet of his previous encounter with Darby; Noah is threatened when Dylan refuses to cover Josie's drug loss.
Camille Desmond: Josie Davis. Darby: Jill Bennett. [unknown]: Andrew Bilgore. Juliane Durning: Walker Brandt. [unknown]: Jerry Doyle. Shane: Jesse Hoffman. [unknown]: Gili Lang. Patrick Durning: Freeman Michaels. Josie Oliver: Sydney Penny. Mike: David Masters. Nicole Loomis: Ashley Tisdale. Customer #2: Anne Rogers. Customer #1: Nicole Talmadge. Customer #3: Valerie D. Young.
[68/5.5/9 (5.3/8:4.1/6)]
275 BH-1016 2/09/00 2/08/00 [unknown] 2199274 The Final Proof
Dylan accedes to Shane's demands for Noah; Kelly and Matt prepare to go on a couples game show; Dr. Martin tries to bond with Gina.
Camille Desmond: Josie Davis. Dr. Martin: Michael Durrell. Shane: Jesse Hoffman. Josie Oliver: Sydney Penny. [unknown]: Ryan Seacrest. Ron: Nathan Anderson. Paul: Mark Daniel Cade. Judy: Ashley Cusato. Mike: David Masters. Mitzi: Delaina Mitchell. Jim: Rollin Herold. Rick: Will Schaub. Tina: Julie Shannon.
276 BH-1017 2/16/00 2/15/00 2/08/00 2199275 Doc Martin
Unspoken accusations regarding her father haunt Gina, but Felice speaks her mind; Kelly considers a job in PR; Dylan decides to explore greener pastures.
Camille Desmond: Josie Davis. Felice Martin: Katherine Cannon. Dr. Martin: Michael Durrell. Pia Swanson: Josie DiVincenzo. Special Musical Guest: Beth Heart. Valet: Marc Brandon Daniel. Paramedic #1: Pancho Demmings. Tow Truck Driver: Jim Hanna. Customer: Patrice Jennings. Paramedic #2: Susan Leslie.
277 BH-1018 3/01/00 2/29/00 [unknown] 2199276 Eddie Waitkus
A news report shows a live dead-ringer for Dylan's late father; Noah intrudes on Donna's meeting someone new; Kelly compromises her personal feelings for her profession; David gets the wrong idea when he overhears Camille talking with friends.
Camille Desmond: Josie Davis. [unknown]: Greg Cromer. Pia Swanson: Josie DiVincenzo. Jack McKay: Josh Taylor. Christine: Valerie Wildman. Customer Service Agent: Gary Dubin. Eli: Blair Hickey. Receptionist: Dierdre Holder. Waitress: Nancy Fernandez. Female Passenger: Cathrine Grace. Reporter: Steve Truitt.
278 BH-1019 3/08/00 3/07/00 [unknown] 2199277 I Will Be Your Father Figure
Matt joins the search for Dylan's father; Donna brings Noah home to convalesce; Steve reverts to partying form when brother Ryan visits; the link between David and Donna concerns Camille.
Camille Desmond: Josie Davis. Ryan Sanders: Randy Spelling. Jack McKay: Josh Taylor. Little Boy: Brett Buford. Nurse: Faith Collins. Flight Attendant #3: Eva Longoria. Barback: Taimak Guarriello. Cathy: Melonie Mack. Flight Attendant #1: Davis Mikaels.
279 BH-1020 3/15/00 3/14/00 [unknown] 2199278 Ever Hear the One About the Exploding Father?
Dylan's father makes him an offer; Steve lobbies for Ryan's return to college; David interviews for a job in New York; Matt represents a stand-up comic fired for not being funny.
Camille Desmond: Josie Davis. Jack McKay: Josh Taylor. Ryan Sanders: Randy Spelling. Stuart: Matt Winston. Christine: Valerie Wildman. Sheila: Kathy Wagner. Phil Lebowitz: Lou Alexander. Judge: Bennet Guillory. U.S. Marshall: Patrick Robert Smith.
280 BH-1021 3/22/00 3/21/00 [unknown] 2199279 Spring Fever
Kelly recruits Maddy for a photo ad; Noah finds a fellow A.A. member in need; Matt unknowingly ingests acid while on a road trip with Dylan; Donna's distress over David grows.
Camille Desmond: Josie Davis. Felice Martin: Katherine Cannon. Borst: Gary Grubbs. Ellen: Heidi Noelle Lenhart. Amy: Heidi Mark. Nervous Mother #2: Amy Edlin. Jim: Adrian Neil. Nervous Mother #1: Donna-Marie Reid. Partier One: Matt Stasi.
281 BH-1022 4/05/00 4/04/00 [unknown] 2199280 The Easter Bunny
Camille grabs the ball when Donna hesitates to market her wares on-line; Matt considers telling Kelly about his dirty desert deed; the Sanders run afoul of snooty new neighbors.
Camille Desmond: Josie Davis. Mitch: Mark C. Collier. [unknown]: Sunny Knox. [unknown]: Jamison Jones. Ellen: Heidi Noelle Lenhart. June Gunderson: Brittney Lee Harvey.
282 BH-1023 4/19/00 4/18/00 [unknown] 2199281 And Don't Forget to Give Me Back My Black T-Shirt
Ellen asks a favor of Noah; Steve invests in Donna's on-line venture after Janet says no; Matt pads his lie to Kelly; Donna rejects Mitch's business style in personal matters.
Camille Desmond: Josie Davis. Mitch: Mark C. Collier. Ellen: Heidi Noelle Lenhart. Caitlin: Adeline Allen. Tom: Brett Beardslee. Sheila: Jennifer Butt. Ben Swift: Dan Deublein. Denise: Elyse Donalson. Marion: Kathleen Garrett. Mike: Mark Sussman.
283 BH-1024 4/26/00 4/25/00 [unknown] 2199282 Love is Blind
Dylan's generous wedding gift vexes Kelly and Matt, who consider moving to Seattle; an offer for their tabloid separates the Sanders professionally; Noah meets Ellen's family; Donna's mother sells her house.
Felice Martin: Katherine Cannon. Marion: Kathleen Garrett. Ellen: Heidi Noelle Lenhart. Charles Yoffe: Scott Paetty. Caitlin: Adeline Allen.
284 BH-1025 5/10/00 5/09/00 [unknown] 2199283 I'm Happy for You...Really
Camille returns with hope of a reconciliation with David; a reported accident in Dylan's area sends Kelly searching for him; Janet is offered a better job just as she wants to cut back; Noah and Ellen part ways, for a while.
Camille Desmond: Josie Davis. Ellen: Heidi Noelle Lenhart. Charles Yoffe: Scott Paetty. Morgue Staffer: Kelli McCarty. Assistant: Brent Roam.

SPC-0054 5/10/00 5/10/00 [unknown] [unknown] The Final Goodbye
Cast members reminisce about the series' 10-season run. Among the topics: favorite moments on- and off-screen; the difficulties of love scenes; what they will and won't miss about the show; behind-the-scenes pranks; their first impressions upon meeting each other.
5/17/00 5/16/00 [unknown] 2199284
The Penultimate
Ode to Joy
In the series finale, Janet and Steve are uncomfortable in their new positions; Ellen asks Noah for a commitment; Dylan gets his diploma; and Donna and David's wedding draws old friends.
The Penultimate Cast:
Charles Yoffe: Scott Paetty. Ryan Sanders: Randy Spelling. Ada: Helen Eigenberg. Ellen: Heidi Noelle Lenhart. Caitlin: Adeline Allen. Pizza Man: Eric Ollenberg.
Ode To Joy Cast:
Brandon Walsh: Jason Priestley. Valerie Malone: Tiffani Thiessen. Andrea Zuckermann: Gabrielle Carteris. Charles Yoffe: Scott Paetty. Ryan Sanders: Randy Spelling. Muntz: Ryan Thomas Brown. Felice Martin: Katherine Cannon. Mrs. Yvonne Teasley: Denise Y. Dowse. Jackie Taylor: Ann Gillespie. [unknown]: Hugh Jeffries. Erin Silver: Mercedes Kastner. Mel Silver: Matthew Laurance. Rabbi: Lenny Wolpe. Special Musical Guest: Eric Benét & Tamia. Kiki: Kevin Sateri. Photographer: Marcello Cacioppo.
[Note: The production number for the 2-hr version is 2199802.]

The Uplink Date refers to the date the episode was satellite fed to international sales customers.

The Prod Num refers to the production number assigned to the episode by the production company. It is not the number assigned to the episode by FOX.

The numbers within the [ ] are the show's ratings. They are: ranking/rating/share. The first set of numbers are the ratings average for the hours. The next two sets of numbers are for the first and last half-hour, respectively. Keep in mind that the ranking should be taken with a grain of salt. The ranking will be inconsistant from week to week, because the number of television programs aired varies. The numbers to watch are rating and share.

The television universe is estimated at 100.8 million homes. One rating point is equal to 1,008,000 TV homes. A share is the percentage of TVs that are turned on that are tuned to the program.

The time within the [ ] is the show's edited length. The length is based upon the original version, which is reformatted for five commercial breaks.

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