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Season 3 Quick Reference Guide

Year Three Cast

Junior Year: The Summer

Opening Title Sequence

51 [BH-301] 7/15/92 7/02/92 2192050 Misery Loves Company
As the third season opens, Brenda defies her father by continuing to see Dylan; Brandon returns to work at the beach club, where Andrea is a co-worker and his parents are new members; and Steve takes a job on a bet.
Nataniel 'Nat' Buccigio: Joe E. Tata. Henry: James Pickens Jr.. Jackie Taylor: Ann Gillespie. Jay: Peter Krause. Mrs. Teasley: Denise Y. Dowse. Mrs. Goldberg: Mary Ellen Thomas. Customer: Natalie Cosby.
52 [BH-302] 7/22/92 7/10/92 2192051 The Twins, the Trustee and the Very Big Trip
Kelly's sudden embrace of family values leads to a bridging of the gap between Brenda and her parents, but not before Jim plays hardball with Dylan; and twins turn the tables on a thoughtless Steve.
Jackie Taylor: Ann Gillespie. [Twin #1]: Leanna Creel. [Twin #2]: Monica Creel. Jay: Peter Krause.
53 [BH-303] 7/29/92 7/20/92 2192052 Too Little, Too Late
Dylan's father asks a final favor; Donna and Brenda get a dim intro to the City of Light; and old friend tries, but it's a new now who gives pause to Andrea when her Republican romance may go all the way-to the convention in Houston.
Jay: Peter Krause. Henry: James Pickens Jr.. Jack McKay: Josh Taylor. [unknown]: Krista Errickson. Mrs. Shaw: Meg Wittner. [unknown]: Melissa Young. Cameron: Darrel Thomas Utley. Mme. DuBois: Gladys Holland. Frenchman #2: Eric Stone. Sleazy Guy: Christopher Halsted. Cabbie: Endres Hules. Waiter: John Kamal. Girl #1: Lindsey Rosin. Girl #2: Shira Wasserman. Kenny: . Frenchman #1: Frank Bruynbroek.
54 [BH-304] 8/05/92 7/28/92 2192053 Sex, Lies and Volleyball
Brandon and Steve share affections for the same woman. Dylan and Kelly enjoy more than volleyball. Steve finds an off-court serve.
Brooke: Alexandra Wilson. [unknown]: Dana Barron. [unknown]: Krista Errickson. [unknown]: Max Coppola. Henry: James Pickens Jr.. Mme. DuBois: Gladys Holland. Yvonne: Maria Cina. Saleswoman: Gigi Bermingham. Sidekick: Oliver Mills. LeConte: Roberto Bonnani. Street Performer: Mickey O'Connor.
55 [BH-305] 8/12/92 8/06/92 2192054 Shooting Star/An American in Paris
Kelly and Dylan note the imminent arrival of Brenda, who feigns being French while falling for an American in Paris; Brandon falls for a hard-luck story; and David deals with Steve, who wants to be his manager.
Brooke: Alexandra Wilson. Rick: Dean Cain. Henry: James Pickens Jr.. Jack Canner: David Sherill. [unknown]: Krista Errickson. Cameron: Darrel Thomas Utley. [unknown]: Melissa Young. Mme. DuBois: Gladys Holland. Indigent: John Battle. Kenny: Randy Spelling.
56 [BH-306] 8/19/92 8/11/92 2192055 Castles in the Sand
Brenda geta a funny vibe from Dylan upon her return, while Brandon sees little amusement in Brooke's social stereotyping. And manager Steve negotiates a gig for client David.
Brooke: Alexandra Wilson. Rick: Dean Cain. Jackie Taylor: Ann Gillespie. Henry: James Pickens Jr.. Mel Silver: Matthew Laurance. Cameron: Darrel Thomas Utley. Mrs. Shaw: Meg Wittner. Ron Checkic: Kirk Thornton. Sand Castle Judge: Sam Hall Kaplan. Kenny: Randy Spelling.

Senior Year

57 [BH-307] 9/09/92 8/27/92 2192056 A Song for Myself
School's in, and David's in for it when his summer fling becomes a transfer student-and Donna's buddy. Meanwhile, Andrea has a tough adjustment to the Blaze's new faculty advisor; Brenda and Steve act as "senior buddies" to new freshmen.
Nikki: Dana Barron. Freshman #1: Nicolle Tom. Nataniel 'Nat' Buccigio: Joe E. Tata. Herbert: Cory Tyler. Tony Miller: Michael Cudlitz. Mrs. Teasley: Denise Y. Dowse. Gil Meyers: Mark Kiely. [unknown]: Jennie Kwan. [unknown]: Kimberly Hooper.
58 [BH-308] 9/16/92 [unknown] 2192057 The Back Story
Smoking becomes the least of problems between Kelly and Brenda, who discusses Beverly Hills high-school life with a tabload-TV show; Brandon starts seeing too much of Nikki; Steve is tempted by an academic short cut.
Nikki: Dana Barron. Beth: Kamala Lopez. Jack McKay: Josh Taylor. Nataniel 'Nat' Buccigio: Joe E. Tata. B.J.: Chadd Nyerges. Tony Miller: Michael Cudlitz. Mrs. Teasley: Denise Y. Dowse. [unknown]: Julian Holloway. [unknown]: Steven Barr. Teacher: Kevin Carr. Suds Lipton: Brooke Langton.
59 [BH-309] 9/23/92 [unknown] 2192058 Highwire
While Andrea dreams of Yale and Steve hopes for USC, Donna finds a school, Brandon and Brenda fight about who will go out of state, and Kelly and Dylan agree college isn't for everyone.
Nikki: Dana Barron. Nataniel 'Nat' Buccigio: Joe E. Tata. Hutchins: Jeff Doucette. Freshman #1: Nicolle Tom. B.J.: Chadd Nyerges. Ms. Signorelli: Mary Kate McGeehan. Mrs. Teasley: Denise Y. Dowse. Gil Meyers: Mark Kiely.
60 [BH-310] 10/07/92 9/25/92 2192059 Home and Away
Brandon goes out on an editorial limb after the school board cancels West Beverly's football game with a school whose last game erupted in fatal violence.
Jordan Bonner: Michael Anthony Rawlins. Tony Miller: Michael Cudlitz. Nikki: Dana Barron. Mrs. Teasley: Denise Y. Dowse. [unknown]: David Lascher. Will: Mushond Lee. [unknown]: Scott Jaeck. Nataniel 'Nat' Buccigio: Joe E. Tata. Freshman #1: Nicolle Tom. Gil Meyers: Mark Kiely. G-Loc: Dwayne Barnes. Craig: Trevor Bullock. Gerome: Ahmad Reese. Kody: Damon Elliott.
61 [BH-311] 10/21/92 [unknown] 2192060 A Presumption of Innocence
Meyer's future is on the line over a sexual-misconduct charge, but he's more concerned about the future of his accuser. Meanwhile, surfing becomes hazardous to Dylan's health; and Brandon hits the dance floor.
Mrs. Scanlon: Jenny O'Hara. Freshman #1: Nicolle Tom. Henry: Cliff Bemis. Nikki: Dana Barron. Nataniel 'Nat' Buccigio: Joe E. Tata. Gil Meyers: Mark Kiely. Dr. Littman: . Amy: Courtney Barilla. Guy #1: Rudi Davis.
62 [BH-312] 11/04/92 10/19/92 2192061 Destiny Rides Again
Fate touches Brenda; random tragedy strikes Andrea; and Donna gets advice from her priest and comedienne Rosie O'Donnell. Meanwhile, SAT scores have Steve recruiting help and Dylan under fire.
Rick: Dean Caine. Nikki: Dana Barron. Nataniel 'Nat' Buccigio: Joe E. Tata. Jackie Taylor: Ann Gillespie. Herbert: Cory Tyler. Priest: Gregory Itzin. Herself: Rosie O'Donnell. LIttle Girl: Sabina Wiener.
63 [BH-313] 11/11/92 11/03/92 2192062 Rebel With a Cause
Steve is squeezed as he stays close to the computer-tampering investigation; mutual admirers are Rick and Jim, and Jim and his new secretary; when things in Dylan's life head south, he heads out.
Nataniel 'Nat' Buccigio: Joe E. Tata. Mrs. Teasley: Denise Y. Dowse. Rick: Dean Caine. Herbert: Cory Tyler. Hutchins: Jeff Doucette. Secretary: Paula Trickey.
64 [BH-314] 11/18/92 11/10/92] 2192063 Wild Horses
Nikki's ex is trouble for Brandon-and Nikki; Donna demands peace between Brenda and Kelly; Dylan finds sanctuary with an older woman, who thinks money can buy everything.
Anne Beresford: Alice Krige. Nikki: Dana Barron. Diesel: David Arquette. Mrs. Teasley: Denise Y. Dowse. Herbert: Cory Tyler. Hutchins: Jeff Doucette. Lowell: Rob Nilsson. Keenan: Martin Davidson. Blade: Thompson Hunt. Emcee: Wendi Westbrook.
65 [BH-315] 11/25/92 [unknown] 2192064 The Kindness of Strangers
Dylan's not the most congenial of hosts when his father gets a Thanksgiving furlough, nor is Jim thrilled to entertain Brandon's homeless acquaintance; Steve seeks the best time to break his bad news to his mom.
Christine: Valerie Wildman. Jack McKay: Josh Taylor. Samantha Sanders: Christina Belford. Nataniel 'Nat' Buccigio: Joe E. Tata. Mrs. Teasley: Denise Y. Dowse. Alyssa: Melanie Smith. [unknown]: Clyde Kusatsu. [unknown]: Rick Lieberman. Jack Canner: David Sherill. Volunteer: Alece Pope. Grip: Michael Deavid Edwards.
66 [BH-316] 12/16/92 12/10/92 2192066 It's a Totally Happening Life
Two angels look on as Andrea gets good news and bad news in the mail; Brandon gets bad news in person; Kelly, Brenda and Dylan try a "mature" approach to their triangular friendship; and all head for disaster en route to a Christmas party for underpriviledged kids.
Nikki: Dana Barron. Nataniel 'Nat' Buccigio: Joe E. Tata. Mrs. Teasley: Denise Y. Dowse. [unknown]: Robert Costanzo. [Angel]: Bonnie Urseth. Gil Meyers: Mark Kiely. Kid #1: Seth Dillon. Kid #2: Jeffrey Licon. Kid #3: Marcus Toji.
67 [BH-317] 1/06/93 12/02/92 2192065 The Game Is Chicken
Quick money in hot-rod racing attraacts Steve and Brandon, but Dylan fears they'll be taken for a ride; Brenda and Kelly look to Princeton men to ease their Dylan dilemma; Donna proves a sound replacement for deejay David.
Joe Wardlow: Thomas Wilson Brown. Frank Padilla: Cyril O'Reilly. Nataniel 'Nat' Buccigio: Joe E. Tata. [unknown]: Seth Green. Adam: Vidal Peterson. [unknown]: Robert David Hall.
68 [BH-318] 1/13/93 12/17/92 2192067 Mid Life, Now What?
On a women's weekend away, Cindy fears "mid-life crisis" might strike Jim, but it appears someone else has already succumbed. Meanwhile, Dylan imagines futures with Brenda and Kelly.
Jackie Taylor: Ann Gillespie. Nataniel 'Nat' Buccigio: Joe E. Tata. Dottie: Paula Trickey. Duke: Billy Vera. Babette: Pamela Bowen. Gina: Louan Gideon. [unknown]: Dierk Torsek. Announcer: Edwina Moore. Debbie: Amanda Bleck. Kevin: Blake Foster. Denise: Ashley Malinger. Kyle: Nicholas Matus.
69 [BH-319] 1/27/93 1/15/93 2192068 Back in the High Life Again
Kelly is Dylan's only friend to attend a party for his freed father, who has an eye on-and wants a hand in-Dylan's trust fund; David finds a home after his father moves out.
Jack McKay: Josh Taylor. Mel Silver: Matthew Laurance. Jackie: Anne Gillespie. Christine: Valerie Wildman.
70 [BH-320] 2/03/93 1/22/93 2192069 Parental Guidance Recommended
Dylan's mother arrives with good thoughts for renda, but nary a one for Dylan's father; a record company wants to hook up with David, but only if he'll cut manager Steve loose.
Iris McKay: Stephanie Beacham. Jack McKay: Josh Taylor. Jordan Bonner: Michael Anthony Rawlins.
71 [BH-321] 2/10/93 2/02/93 2192070 Dead End
Someone's watching over Dylan and his father, but no longer Jim; and finances force Kelly's mother to put her house up for sale. Meanwhile, Brenda thrives in a self-defense class.
Jackie: Anne Gillespie. Jack McKay: Josh Taylor. Terry Wilson: George McDaniel. Grace Feldman: Christine Mitges. Christine: Valerie Wildman.
72 [BH-322] 2/17/93 2/08/93 2192071 The Child Is Father to the Man
Kelly feels lost as the Walshes offer sanctuary to Dylan, who learns more about his father's parole, and struggles with urges to go back to old habits.
Christine: Valerie Wildman. Mel Borland: Miguel Perex. Curtis Bray: Raymond O'Connor.
73 [BH-323] 3/03/93 2/22/93 2192072 Duke's Bad Boys
David pays for going with his music producer instead of his gut; Brandon bets with another bookie to win money to pay off Duke; Andrea tries to ease Dylan's distress; Kelly thinks she has a weight problem.
Duke: Billy Vera. Serge Menkon: Stephen Rowe. Jeff Stellar: Christian Hoff.
74 [BH-324] 3/24/93 3/05/93 2192073 Perfectly Perfect
At Kelly's surprise 18th-birthday party, the guests get an even bigger surprise from Kelly. Meanwhile, Steve badgers Brandon into joining him on a dating-game show.
Jackie Taylor: Ann Gillespie. Nataniel 'Nat' Buccigio: Joe E. Tata. Jordan Bonner: Michael Anthony Rawlins. Celeste Lundy: Jennifer Grant. Tony Miller: Michael Cudlitz. [unknown]: Rod McCary. Host: Larry Anderson. [unknown]: Shishit Kurup. Bobby Pandolfo: Rick Zieff. Mrs. Brower: Patricia Conklin. Adrienne: Robin Lange. Brower Daughter: Becky Herbst. Girl: Tanya-Linette Smith.
75 [BH-325] 4/07/93 3/30/93 2192074 Senior Poll
Most Beautiful senior Kelly fears no one's looking beneath her surface; Brenda reconsiders her college choice; Steve forgets he's dateless when he shines at one of L.A.'s hippest venues.
Nataniel 'Nat' Buccigio: Joe E. Tata. Tony Miller: Michael Cudlitz. Jackie: Ann Gillespie. [unknown]: Bianca Ferguson. Usher: Jon Clair. Maura: Donna Eskra. Photographer: Brandon Rane.
76 [BH-326] 4/28/93 3/22/93 2192075 She Came in Through the Bathroom Window
On Senior Ditch Day, Kelly is a theft victim, but Donna refuses to be. Meanwhile, Steve and Dylan are in hot pursuit of Burt Reynolds (appearing as himself), who may be able to help an apparent con victim.
Nataniel 'Nat' Buccigio: Joe E. Tata. Tony Miller: Michael Cudlitz. Con Victim: Cathy Podewell. [unknown]: B.J. Ward. [unknown]: Marlon Archey. Rosie: Melissa Christopher. Gil Meyers: Mark Kiely. J. Thomas Parnell: Zale Kessler. Cop #2: Daniel Moriarty. Truck Driver: Jan Eddy. Security Guard: James Martin Jr.. Fan: Brian David Price. Dean Alexander: James Logan.
77 [BH-327] 5/05/93 [unknown] 2192076 A Night to Remember
As prom night approaches, neither Brenda nor Brandon has a date, but Donna and David have big plans.
Cathy Dennis: Cathy Dennis. Nataniel 'Nat' Buccigio: Joe E. Tata. Jackie: Ann Gillespie. Mrs. Teasley: Denise Y. Dowse. Tony Miller: Michael Cudlitz. Celeste Lundy: Jennifer Grant. Felice Martin: Katherine Cannon. Jordan Bonner: Michael Anthony Rawlins. Mel Silver: Matthew Laurance. Superintendent Ephardt: Arthur Rosenberg. [unknown]: Shawn Levy. Tobi: T.C. Warner. [unknown]: Lou DiMaggio. Gil Meyers: Mark Kiely.
78 [BH-328] 5/12/93 [unknown] 2192077 Something in the Air
Brandon leads others in taking a risk with some '60s-style activism after Donna is censured in a disciplinary hearing regarding her prom-night activity.
Nataniel 'Nat' Buccigio: Joe E. Tata. Jackie: Ann Gillespie. Mrs. Teasley: Denise Y. Dowse. Felice Martin: Katherine Cannon. Mel Silver: Matthew Laurance. Dr. Martin: Michael Durrell. Superintendent Ephardt: Arthur Rosenberg. Melanie Silverman: Mimi Lieber. [unknown]: Shawn Levy. Gil Meyers: Mark Kiely. Teacher: Robert Greenberg. School Board Clerk: Philip Weyland. Richter: Mary Marshall. Chang: Cliff Young. Lufrano: Susan Sanders. Pula: Bill Starbin.
79 [BH-329]
5/19/93 7/20/94
Finally, graduation day! But not before... Steve proposes the gang do "something special"; Andrea frets about her valedictory speech and her college choice, as does Brenda; Dylan gets a windfall and a surprise visit from his mother; Donna and David emcee the Senior Breakfast; and all recall memorable moments.
Iris McKay: Stephanie Beacham. Nataniel 'Nat' Buccigio: Joe E. Tata. Jackie: Ann Gillespie. Jack McKay: Josh Taylor. Mrs. Teasley: Denise Y. Dowse. Jordan Bonner: Michael Anthony Rawlins. Tony Miller: Michael Cudlitz. [unknown]: Scott Jaeck. [unknown]: Vasili Bogazianos. Gil Meyers: Mark Kiely. The Girl: Amy Leland.
[2 hrs] [14/14.1/23]
Note: The editing of part 2 is pretty poor in places. The reason is when it originally aired, there was only one set of opening and closing credits. When edited for airing as two parts, pieces needed to be removed to make room for the extra set of credits.

The Master Date refers to the date the edited master was created for the international sales satellite feed.

The Prod Num refers to the production number assigned to the episode by the production company. It is not the number assigned to the episode by FOX.

The numbers within the [ ] are the show's ratings. They are: ranking/rating/share.

All shows aired on Wednesday at 8:00pm ET, except as noted.


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