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9/13/95 [unknown] [unknown] 2195141
Home Is Where the Tart Is/
Buffalo Girls
With Jim and Cindy gone, Brandon is the last Walsh in the ZIP code. When he returns from his summer job in Boston, he learns that Casa Walsh shall be torn down. Kelly turns 21 and takes the new beau Colin, who's introduced in a provocative opening scene that takes place on an airplane. Vixen Valerie is visited by a Ginger, who's as wild and devious as she is - and has an eye for Brandon. Dylan's obsessed to find his father's murderer. Donna tries to alter her abusive relationship with Ray.
[2 hrs]
144 BH-603 9/20/95 [unknown] 9/13/95 2195143 Must Be a Guy Thing
Dylan befriends Toni, the daughter of his father's alleged killer Marchette. Brandon matches wits with the Condor's editor Susan. Clare offers math tutoring to Steve after his advisor forces him to rearrange his schedule. Meanwhile, Ray gets a big audition and Kelly's Colin gets a big canvas the PPAD.
Tony Marchette: Stanley Kamel. Susan Keates: Emma Caulfield. [unknown]: Ken Lerner. [unknown]: Doran Fein. Bardwell: Paul Collins. [unknown]: Marc McClure. Antonia Marchette: Rebecca Gayheart. Bruno: Cliff Weisman. Barbara Korman: Lisa Williams. Lindstrom: Marq Edwards. Nadine: Nancy Ferrandez. Foreman: Dennis Garber. Magnuson: Jon Huertas. Frat Guy: James Brandon Shaw. Malinowski: Todd Thiesen. Tutor #1: Michael Weiner.
145 [BH-604] 9/27/95 [unknown] 9/14/95 2195144 Everything's Coming Up Roses
Brandon and Susan cover the Tournament of Roses Royal Court tryouts, in which Kelly, Donna and Clare are candidates. While Val works with Colin at the PPAD, Kelly attends a ball with David. Home again, David has to face tragic news. Ray gives a command performance for the record-company president. Brandon and Dylan pursue new relationships.
Collin Robbins: Jason Wiles. Susan Keates: Emma Caulfield. Felice Martin: Katherine Cannon. Leslie Summer: Brook Theiss Genesse. [unknown]: Caroline Lagerfelt. [unknown]: Ken Lerner. [unknown]: Doren Fein. Antonia Marchette: Rebecca Gayheart. Bruno: Cliff Weissman. Paramedic: Albert Garcia. Judge #1: Sandra Francis. Willie: Wesley Allen Gullick. Nose Ring Girl: Jill Ritchie. Female Police Officer: Sarah Lilly. Girl #1: Eugenia Yuen.
146 [BH-605] 10/04/95 [unknown] 9/26/95 2195145 Lover's Leap
David is depressed because of his mother's suicide attempt and her rejecting behavior. Val is remembered of her father and bonds with him. Brandon negotiates a first date with Susan. Toni invites Dylan's friends to a dinner party at her father's mansion. Dylan is caught rifling through Toni's father's study. Bodyguard Bruno informs him that he knew Dylan's father. Steve and Clare share a first kiss. Collin Robbins: Jason Wiles. Tony Marchette: Stanley Kamel. Susan Keates: Emma Caulfield. Mel Silver: Matthew Laurance. [unknown]: Caroline Lagerfelt. [unknown]: Karen Hensel. Cindy Walsh: Carol Potter. Antonia Marchette: Rebecca Gayheart. Bruno: Cliff Weisman. Butler: Douglas Stark. Willie: Wesley Allen Gullick.
147 [BH-606] 10/18/95 [unknown] 10/04/95 2195146 Speechless
Steve arranges for a film to be shot at the Walsh house - but fails to notify Brandon about it's genre. Kelly, Donna, Clare and Valerie vow to have "no secrets" on their road trip, but a shortcut short-circuits the plan. The truth about Ray and Val comes to surface. Colin uses the time Kelly's away to look elsewhere. After her father threatens him, Dylan finally tells Toni the truth. But she doesn't believe him.
Collin Robbins: Jason Wiles. Tony Marchette: Stanley Kamel. Susan Keates: Emma Caulfield. Ivan Trotz: Nicolas Guest. [unknown]: Ginta Rae. [unknown]: Ray Boyle. Claudia Van Eyck: Mary Crosby. Antonia Marchette: Rebecca Gayheart. Maitre'd: Terry Rhoads. Ronnie: Leslie A. Jones. Johnnie Garrett: Evan Arnold. Cheerleader: Tracy Dali.
148 [BH-607] 10/25/95 [unknown] 9/25/95 2195147 Violated
A professor sexually harasses Valerie, so she calls the Condor for help and has to deal with her reputation. Toni's father forces her to choose between him and Dylan. Kelly learns more about Colin's relationship with his agent. Clare and Steve prepare for a night of romance around Colin's opening.
Collin Robbins: Jason Wiles. Tony Marchette: Stanley Kamel. Susan Keates: Emma Caulfield. [unknown]: Mark Shera. [unknown]: Joan Pringle. Claudia Van Eyck: Mary Crosby. Antonia Marchette: Rebecca Gayheart. Bruno: Cliff Weissman. Bellhop: Brendon Blincoe. Female Student: Suzanne Tara.
149 [BH-608] 11/01/95 [unknown] [unknown] [2195148] Gypsies, Cramps and Fleas
At the After Dark Halloween Party, David invests in a love potion from a fortune teller, but it's picked up by another couple. Donna tells Ray she just wants to be friends, but he can't cope with it when she dances with quarterback Joe. Colin unveils his mural, which was inspired by Kelly. And again, she forgives him. Toni forces her dad to tell her the truth about him and Dylan's father.
150 BH-609 11/06/95 [unknown] 10/11/95 2195149 Earthquake Weather
Friends are rocked by Dylan's announcement about his and Toni's shared future. A sizable earthquake traps Brandon and Susan in an elevator with a pregnant woman. At the final Rose Bowl interviews at Pasadena, Donna discovers a secret in her mom's past. Also she gets a warning from Ray's therapist. Steve and Clare can't stop thinking about it. The same thoughts bother David, but Val has him still put on hold.
[Aired on a Monday at 9pm ET instead of the normal Wednesday 8pm ET.]
151 [BH-610] 11/08/95 [unknown] [unknown] [2195150] One Wedding and a Funeral
Ray threatens Donna, just as his therapist has warned. Dylan and Toni plan a new life in Hawaii, despite Marchette's objections. The gang "kidnaps" the two to bachelorette and bachelor parties respectively. Marchette requests a meeting with Dylan after the ceremony - to which he never shall arrive. However the hired hitman hits the wrong person... One of their own says good-bye to Beverly Hills.
152 [BH-611] 11/15/95 [unknown] [unknown] [2195151] Offensive Interference
J.J. Jones comes back to town and asks for Valerie's help in a divorce case. She agrees - and ends up in jail. Ray charges Joe with battery over their Halloween encounter - resulting in Joe's suspension from CU's homecoming game. Donna's mother confesses a past indiscretion to Donna. Steve tries to protect the college mascot.
153 [BH-612] 11/22/95 [unknown] 11/16/95 2195152 Breast Side Up
NFL QB Steve Young shows up for Thanksgiving at Casa Walsh - one of two surprises Donna plans for Joe's birthday. The absence of their significant others weighs on Brandon and Kelly. Steve is a surprise hit at Clare's father's faculty party. Valerie disdains cooking help from David's mother.
Collin Robbins: Jason Wiles. [unknown]: Steve Young. Susan Keates: Emma Caulfield. Chancellor Arnold: Nicholas Pryor. Ginger: Elisa Donovan. [unknown]: Caroline Lagerfelt. Bardwell: Paul Collins. [unknown]: John Walcutt. [unknown]: Leilani Jones Wilmore. [unknown]: Sheila Wills. [unknown]: Leigh Steinberg. Joe Bradley: Cameron Bancroft. Security Guard: Patrick Mickler. Clerk: Wendee Cole. Play-by-Play Announcer: James T. Brown.
154 [BH-613] 11/29/95 [unknown] [unknown] [2195153] Courting
Brandon gets a national byline for his coverage of Joe's trial, where Donna is caught in a lie. Brandon talks to Ray about his court case against Joe. Valerie blabs to Colin and Susan of their partners' tryst. Colin takes David and Kelly's place as babysitter for Erin while they attend the trial. The Tournament of Roses Queen is announced.
155 [BH-614] 12/13/95 [unknown] [unknown] [2195154] Fortunate Son
Steve causes conflicts at a talent agency, where Rush got him an internship. Donna covers for Lisa at her convenience-store job - and for a young customer caught shoplifting. Valerie and Kelly bid against each other for a portrait by Colin at a charity casino night and auction at the PPAD. Brandon's gambling addiction resurfaces.
156 [BH-615] 12/20/95 [unknown] [unknown] [2195155] Angels We Have Heard on High
The gang helps some local children have a white Christmas. Cindy Walsh comes home for the holidays - with thoughts of separation. Colin celebrates the holiday on cocaine. Steve's Christmas curse continues when another's error costs him his job and incurs the wrath of his father. But his luck may change, since the same evening he learns the identity of his real father.
157 [BH-616] 1/03/96 12/31/95 12/19/95 2195156 Turn Back the Clock
Steve has to look after Ryan and Austin, his obnoxious teenage step-brothers. Kelly has a fit when she suspects Val sharing Colin's cocaine habit. Brandon feels left out in the cold when Susan's ex-boyfriend Jonathan shows up on a surprise visit. David and Joe pursuit Donna's escaped parrot.
158 [BH-617] 1/10/96 1/07/96 [unknown] [2195157] Fade In, Fade Out
Kelly's father arrives in town, promising to stay. Kelly dumps Colin when she finds him high on cocaine, but then she gets tempted herself. Steve's Roger Corman film festival reveals facts about Nat's past and bring back an old flame. Brandon gets in trouble when he embezzles a message from Jonathan to Susan. Joe makes a professional call on Donna's cardiologist father.
159 [BH-618] 1/17/96 [unknown] [unknown] [2195158] Snowbound
The gang becomes suspicious, when Kelly starts avoiding them and skips classes to spend all her time with Colin. Susan finally reveals the secret in her past. Donna questions the positive second opinion Joe's received. Susan pressures Brandon into writing about Joe's heart condition, which could jeopardize his pro career. After a car race, Clare and Steve have to go to a traffic school and wind up on a TV talk show.
160 [BH-619] 1/31/96 [unknown] [unknown] [2195159] Nancy's Choice
Susan's nomination for a college journal award brings her ex-boyfriend Jonathan back to town. Brandon learns of a dramatic connection between the two, when she reveals her second secret. Clare refuses to believe Steve's true story about Elle, who's flirting with the Chancellor at the awards show. Kelly and Colin try to quit cocaine, but a successful art deal, arranged by Valerie, makes him reconsider.
161 [BH-620] 2/07/96 2/04/96 2/03/96 2195160 Flying
Against Donna's advice, Joe joins Jonathan, Brandon and Steve on a biplane flight. Donna and Clare confront Kelly when they find drugs in their apartment, prompting her to move out. Valerie's old and unwelcome friend Ginger returns to town, threatening to reveal a secret and showing interest in David. Susan declares she's over Jonathan, but she can't bring herself to show him the cold shoulder.
Collin Robbins: Jason Wiles. Susan Keates: Emma Caulfield. Ginger: Elisa Donovan. [unknown]: Carl T. Evans. [unknown]: Barney McFadden. Joe Bradley: Cameron Bancroft. Knick Knack Woman: Danielle Aubry. Customer #1: Bonnie Hellman. Customer #2: Sharon Omi.
162 BH-621 2/14/96 [unknown] [unknown] [2195161] Bleeding Hearts
Donna organizes the Alpha House "Sex Out" Slumber Party, at which people are urged to take a 24-hour celibacy vow to promote safe sex through abstinence. Clare bets Steve he won't fulfill his pledge at the party and does her best to wear down his willpower. Joe plans to drop out of school upon bad news from his coach. Valerie sets up Ginger with Jonathan to get her off David. When this plan fails, she asks David for a big favor. After emptying Colin's stash, Kelly seeks the cocaine source herself - and hits bottom.
Collin Robbins: Jason Wiles. Susan Keates: Emma Caulfield. Ginger: Elisa Donovan. Jackie Taylor: Ann Gillespie. [unknown]: Carl T. Evans. Danny: Gordon Currie. [unknown]: David Charles Sahagian. [unknown]: Jim Hatch. Joe Bradley: Cameron Bancroft. Street Guy: James Bozian. Sherry: Sherri Rappaport. Gail: Jennie Vaughn.
163 [BH-622] 2/21/96 2/18/96 2/13/96 2195162 All This and Mary Too
Kelly enters rehab and gets a mysterious roommate, Tara. Steve and Clare set up dates for David with two blondes named Mary. Susan and Brandon ski into trouble while racing outside patrolled boundaries. Meanwhile Colin and Valerie, both freshly dumped, keep each other company. Donna investigates a new cardiac procedure that could help Joe.
Collin Robbins: Jason Wiles. Susan Keates: Emma Caulfield. Jackie Taylor: Ann Gillespie. Dr. Martin: Michael Durrell. Tara: Paige Moss. [unknown]: Rebekah Carlton. [unknown]: Tara Smiley. Dr. Browning: Rachel Davies. Joe Bradley: Cameron Bancroft. Ski Patrol Chief: Martin Kildare. TV Announcer: Jon Bruno. Ski Patrolman: Miles O'Connor.
164 [BH-623] 2/28/96 2/25/96 2/24/96 2195163 Leap of Faith
Brandon and Susan spend the weekend with her parents in San Diego, where they are caught in a compromising situation. Colin participates in a cocaine deal and eventually has to flee in a high-speed chase. Kelly reacts to the news that Valerie is seeing Colin. Steve buys a new motorcycle to impress Clare - who doesn't share his joy. A family member tries to prevent Joe's experimental surgery and to mute Donna's influence.
Collin Robbins: Jason Wiles. Susan Keates: Emma Caulfield. Ruth Keats: Kathleen Noone. Danny: Gordon Currie. Tara: Paige Moss. [unknown]: Guy Boyd. Greg: Michael Dietz. [unknown]: Bruce Thomas. Dr. Browning: Rachel Davies. Joe Bradley: Cameron Bancroft. Arresting Officer: Rick Paap. Nadine: Nancy Fernandez.
165 [BH-624] 3/13/96 3/10/96 3/01/96 2195164 Coming Out, Getting Out, Going Out
Clare and Susan try to rekindle the romance between Nat and his lost love, Joan. Kelly gets out of rehab and back into the beach house and receives a cry for help from Tara. Valerie arranges bail for Colin.
Collin Robbins: Jason Wiles. Susan Keates: Emma Caulfield. Jackie Taylor: Ann Gillespie. [unknown]: Julie Parrish. Tara: Paige Moss. Greg: Michael Dietz. [unknown]: Scott Haven. [unknown]: Kirk Bailey. Joe Bradley: Cameron Bancroft. Willie: Wesley A. Gullick.
166 [BH-625] 3/20/96 3/17/96 3/15/96 2195165 Smashed
Party guests at Casa Walsh include Colin, who's between incarcerations; Tara, Kelly's new housemate; and Greg, Kelly's med-student date.
Collin Robbins: Jason Wiles. Susan Keates: Emma Caulfield. Rush Sanders: Jed Allan. Ryan: Randy Spelling. [unknown]: Travis Webster. [unknown]: Ryan Thomas Brown. Tara: Paige Moss. Greg: Michael Dietz. [unknown]: Kevin Scannell. Joe Bradley: Cameron Bancroft. Dr. Citron: Terry Woodberry. Nurse: Lainey Hashorva. Girl: Stephanie Linck. Guy: Tony Sirkin.
167 BH-626 4/03/96 3/31/96 3/26/96 2195166 Flirting With Disaster
On a wilderness outing, three comely campers from Canada distract Steve, Joe and Brandon from their dates, Meanwhile, Tara sabotages Kelly's relationship with Greg.
Collin Robbins: Jason Wiles. Susan Keates: Emma Caulfield. Tara: Paige Moss. Greg: Michael Dietz. [unknown]: Mike Genovese. Alice: Samantha Lemole. Becky: Lara Steinick. Margaret: Barrow Davis. Joe Bradley: Cameron Bancroft. Desk Nurse: Lenora May. Delivery Man: Thomas Emery Dennis.
168 BH-627 4/10/96 4/07/96 4/02/96 2195167 Strike the Match
Donna's video-production work with David lands her in front of the cameras and in trouble with Joe; Brandon's big job opportunity could sink his plans with Susan for the summer and perhaps beyond.
Collin Robbins: Jason Wiles. Susan Keates: Emma Caulfield. Powerman 5000: Powerman 5000. Tara: Paige Moss. Bernie: Peter Siragusa. Dreesen: Steven Culp. Dr. Browning: Rachel Davies. Joe Bradley: Cameron Bancroft. Bystander: Dylan Tucker.
169 [BH-628] 5/01/96 4/28/96 3/28/96 2195168 The Big Hurt
Steve is impressed by Clare's childhood chum, an actual prince; Donna and David's video is a hit with everyone but Joe; Colin receives his sentence after his attorney makes a deal with the DA; Tara tries to end Kelly's "pain."
Collin Robbins: Jason Wiles. Susan Keates: Emma Caulfield. Powerman 5000: Powerman 5000. Chancellor Arnold: Nicholas Pryor. Tara: Paige Moss. Prince Carl: Nick Kiriazis. Erik: Michael Woolson. [unknown]: Kevin Scannell. [unknown]: Tom Urich. Joe Bradley: Cameron Bancroft. Steiner: Betty K. Bynum. Gretchen Marks: Yavone Evans. Judge Hanlon: Don Stewart.
170 [BH-629] 5/08/96 5/05/96 4/08/96 2195169 Ticket To Ride
Susan and Brandon hit the lottery for $5000-then lose the ticket; Val's left hanging when Colin bails on going to jail; a fall leaves Steve speechless; fame spreads about video producers David and Donna.
Collin Robbins: Jason Wiles. Susan Keates: Emma Caulfield. Jackie Taylor: Ann Gillespie. [unknown]: Kevin Scannell. Prince Carl: Nick Kiriazis. [unknown]: Tangie Ambrose. [unknown]: Scott Haven. Erik: Michael Woolson. [unknown]: Art Hindle. Joe Bradley: Cameron Bancroft. Cashier: Wendy Rader. Nadine: Nancy Fernandez. Willie: Wesley A. Gullick.
171 [BH-630] 5/15/96 5/12/96 5/01/96 2195170 Ray of Hope
Ray Pruit surfaces-as Donna and David's first video-production for MZA; Colin prepares to leave the country, and Valerie asks Kelly's help to find him; Joe decides on a new course for his life, and, he hopes, Donna's; Clare becomes wistful over Carl's memories of her mother.
Ray Pruitt: Jamie Walters. Collin Robbins: Jason Wiles. Susan Keates: Emma Caulfield. Dr. Martin: Michael Durrell. Danny: Gordon Currie. Prince Carl: Nick Kiriazis. [unknown]: Scott Haven. [unknown]: Art Hindle. Wendy: Marisol Nichols. Erik: Michael Woolson. Joe Bradley: Cameron Bancroft. Barbara: Amanda Anka.
172 BH-631
5/22/96 5/19/96 5/10/96 2195171 They Say It's Your Birthday
The music group Goo Goo Dolls entertains at Steve's weekend-long birthday bash on the Queen Mary, where Erik puts the moves on Donna and several other women; an old friend makes a surprise appearance; and host Prince Carl asks a favor of the birthday boy. Meanwhile, Valeria gets FBI help to find Colin; and a sailor (Pauly Shore) provokes a bar brawl with Steve and Brandon.
Collin Robbins: Jason Wiles. Susan Keates: Emma Caulfield. Andrea Zuckermann: Gabrielle Carteris. Goo Goo Dolls: Goo Goo Dolls. [unknown]: Julie Parrish. [unknown]: Jon Hensley. Prince Carl: Nick Kiriazis. Claudia Van Eyck: Mary Crosby. [unknown]: Ryan Thomas Brown. Erik: Michael Woolson. [unknown]: Michael Dempsey. [unknown]: Deborah Lacey. [unknown]: Wings Hauser. Barbara: Amanda Anka. Stripper: Bobbi Henning. Randy Green: Matthew Kaminsky. Delivery Agent: David A. Saunders. Jailer (Booking Agent): Steve Johnson. Bruiser: Monte Rex Perlin. Chambermaid: Guenne Wilcox. Polo Announcer: Dan Moriarty. Cindy Walsh: Carol Potter. Jim Walsh: James Eckhouse. Rush Sanders: Jed Allan. Samantha Sanders: Christina Belford. Mrs. Teasley: Denise Y. Dowse. Elle: Monika Schnarre. Ryan: Randy Spelling. Austin: Travis Webster.
[2 hrs]

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