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173 BH-701 8/21/96 8/18/96 8/07/96 2196172 Remember The Alamo
Big changes await as the groundbreaking hit begins a seventh season. More issue-oriented and self-contained episodes. Fewer long story arcs. A renewed focus on core players. And, says Jason Priestley, a somewhat "darker side" for Brandon, whom he'll continue to portray while returning for a second year as a series producer.

New characters are also on the way. Dalton James begins a recurring role next week and Val will have someone new in her life (a guy with "a lot of baggage," says Tiffaniy-Amber Thiessen). And it all begins tonight with Brandon encountering bigots while traveling through Texas; and Donna and David finding that their video work-and renewed romance-may have a short run.

174 BH-702 8/28/96 8/25/96 8/14/96 2196173 Here We Go Again
Clare is stunned by Steve's past with Kelly, who learns there's more to the story than she knew; Kenny puts a social spin on his business with Valerie; Kelly starts working at an AIDS hospice; Brandon is recruited by the college TV station.
Kenny: Joey Gian. Mark: Dalton James. Casey: Eddie Cibrian. Beth: Charlotte Lopez. Ryan: Randy Spelling. Austin: Travis Webster.
175 BH-703 9/04/96 9/01/96 8/21/96 2196174 A Mate For Life
Brandon has the pleasant task of escorting Joan's dancer daugher Lily prior to Joan and Nat's wedding, which has a sudden change of venue; Kelly makes a friend (Michael Stoyanov) at the hospice; David is downsized after finding new digs.
Lily Diamond: Katherine Kendall. Joan: Leslie Parrish. Nat: Joe E. Tata. Mark: Dalton James. Diane: Sydney Phillips.
176 BH-704 9/11/96 9/08/96 9/03/96 2196175 Disappearing Act
Brandon and Mark find the perfect newsanchor for the campus station, but she panics prior to her debut; an accident with Jimmy (Michael Stoyanov) gives Kelly a scare; Mel (Matthew Laurance) withdraws David's financial support after learning from Donna that he's dropped out of school.
Tracy: Jill Novick. Mark: Dalton James.
177 BH-705 9/18/96 9/15/96 9/12/96 2196176 Pledging My Love
Steve's "harmless prank" with his fraternity lands Brandon in hot water; Donna lobbies to get a jock into her sorority; Kelly takes Jimmy (Michael Stoyanov) on a religious journey.
Danny: Kimberly Campbell. Ellen: Julie Nathanson. Chancellor: Nicholas Coster.
178 BH-706 9/25/96 9/22/96 9/19/96 2196177 House Warming
A Hollywood Hills brush fire stops a big party at Mark and David's, rekindles a bad memory for Kelly, and puts Donna in Jeopardy. Meanwhile, Steve's flirtation results in serious consequences; and Valerie gives Kenny an ultimatum.
Cliff Yeager: Greg Vaughn. Dick: Dan Gauthier. Teresa: Kristen Williams. Tracy: Jill Novick. Mark: Dalton James.
179 BH-707 10/30/96 [10/27/96] [unknown] 2196178 Fearless
Steve declares war on Clare when she dates someone else; Donna's new fireman friend (Greg Vaughn) assists her sorority's Halloween event; Kenny (Joey Gian) is a no-show at the reopening of Valerie's club.
Tammy: Kimiko Gelman. Alex: Chris Marquette. Mrs. Cleveland: Gloria Loring.
180 BH-708 11/06/96 11/03/96 10/02/96 2196179 The Things We Do For Love
David's giant windfall causes a rift with his father (Matthew laurance); Kelly extends an olive branch to Valerie after learning of her condition; Steve rashly challenges Clare's new beau to a crew race; Tracy makes an overture to Brandon; Cliff (Greg Vaughn) reveals his future plans to Donna.
David's Grandmother: Erica Yohn. Dick: Dan Gauthier.
181 BH-709 11/13/96 11/10/96 10/09/96 2196180 Loser Take All
Tipped off by Kelly, Brandon queries Kenny (Joey Gian) about his experience with Valerie and eventually gets the whole ugly story; sudden wealth burns a hole in David's pocket; Clare notes that preparing for the crew race makes Steve a changed man.
Mark: Dalton James.
182 BH-710 11/20/96 11/17/96 10/16/96 2196181 Lost In Las Vegas
While Ray Pruit (Jamie Walters) performs in Las Vegas, the town also welcomes the manic-mannered David, his guests Val, Steve and Clare, and his money, soon parted from a fool.
Melanie: Allison Smith. Linda: Karen Roe. Gail: Michelle Mitchel.
183 BH-711 11/27/96 11/24/96 10/25/96 2196182 If I Had A Hammer
After a bizarre outburst, David undergoes psychiatric observation; Kelly and Mark have a less than excellent Thanksgiving adventure; and not even Chancellor Arnold (Nicholas Pryor) can save Steve from his latest error.
Dr. Tate: Tony Todd. Professor Randall: Scott Paulin. Dean Whitmore: Gregg Daniel.
184 BH-712 12/11/96 12/08/96 11/13/96 2196183 Judgement Day
Steve's guilty plea averts a hearing for him, but Prof. Randall (Scott Paulin) pursues a case against Brandon, who's innocent; David hedges on buying into Valerie's club; Donna clashes with her mother (Katherine Cannon) over David; Kelly throws a surprise party for Mark's Birthday.
Chancellor: Nicholas Pryor. Dr. Martin: Michael Durrell.
185 BH-713 12/18/96 12/15/96 11/20/96 2196184 Gift Wrapped
Valerie and Kelly are paired in the Christmas gift exchange; Kelly gets a big surprise from her father; Steve's mom and Clare's pop (Christina Belford, Nicholas Pryor) get chummy; and David wants to get on the good side of Donna's mother (Katherine Cannon). Clarence Fountain and the Blind Boys of Alabama perform at the Peach Pit After Dark.
Joy: Ruth Livier.
186 BH-714 1/08/97 [1/05/97] [unknown] 2196185 Jobbed
An old friend from Buffalo (Kane Picoy) surprises Valerie; Brandon and Mark learn they've applied for the same prestigious job interview; Donna proves to be a lifesaver when she fills in at her dad's office.
Mark: Dalton James.
187 BH-715 1/15/97 1/12/97 12/04/96 2196186 The Phantom of C.U.
Clare arranges a date for Kelly; Steve meets a prankster during his penance for cheating; Donna's stint on TV nets her an unwanted fan; David becomes suspicious of Tom (Kane Picoy).
Evan: Trevor Edmond. Larry Lincoln: Grayson McCouch. Tony: Will MacMillian.
188 BH-716 1/22/97 1/19/97 1/06/97 2196187 Unnecessary Roughness
Donna thinks she knows the identity of her stalker, who turns up the heat; Tracy's old boyfriend (Cameron Hill) interrupts her weekend alone with Brandon at her parents' ranch; Steve leads frat brothers in a sewing circle to salvage an investment; David and Tom team up to produce a pre-Super Bowl party at the club.
Dick: Dan Gauthier. Tom: Kane Picoy
189 BH-717 1/29/97 1/26/97 1/14/97 2196188 Face Off
Donna is denied a restraining order against Slan (David Bowe); Tracy lets slip those three little words to Brandon; Clare and Steve's weekend housesitting prompts talk of living together; affection between Tom and Kelly may add an extra dimension when Brandon and Tom face off in a hockey Game.
190 BH-718 2/05/97 2/02/97 1/21/97 2196189 We Interrupt This Program
Donna's stalker makes his identity known-on TV, with a gun in his hand. Meanwhile, Steve and Clare try to cool the burgeoning romance bewteen their parents (Christina Belford, Nicholas Pryor).
191 BH-719 2/12/97 2/09/97 1/29/97 2196190 My Funny Valentine
On Valentine's Day, an ex-beau surprises Donna; Valerie's mother (Michelle Phillips) visits; Steve commits yet another error with Clare; Valerie confesses a weakness to Kelly; Chloe (Natalia Cigliuti) opens for Luther Vandross at the Peach Pit After Dark; and Tracy gets a big surprise from Brandon.
Cliff: Greg Vaughn
192 BH-720 2/19/97 2/16/97 2/10/97 2196191 With This Ring
Kelly learns the cause of the friction between Tracy and Brandon; Chloe (Natalia Cigliuti) gives David her opinion regarding Donna and Cliff (Greg Vaughn); Clare urges Steve to give his brother (Randy Spelling) an advanced talk about the birds and the bees; Valerie's mother (Michelle Phillips) is told the facts behind her husband's suicide.
[Fox has this listed as the 200th episode]
193 BH-721 2/26/97 2/23/97 2/18/97 2196192 Straight Shooter
A magazine writer (Suzanne Turner) hangs out with Valerie for a piece on L.A.'s cool people; Donna wavers between her two suitors; Clare and Kelly do some flirting in Palm Springs; a tragedy befalls Steve and Brandon's basketball partner.
Roger: Joe Michael Burke. Dean: Richard Ruccolo. Dick: Dan Gauthier. Felice Martin: Katherine Cannon.
194 BH-722 3/05/97 3/02/97 2/25/97 2196193 A Ripe Young Age
David meets Donna's grandmother (June Lockhart), who tells them of the love of her life; Valerie befriends a hot new actor (Jason Lewis), while Kelly does the same with a youngster (Sam Saletta) she suspects is a runaway; Steve gets into a sticky situation regarding a class project.
Chuck Grant: Matthew Fairchild. Sarah: Barbara Allyne Bennet.
195 BH-723 3/19/97 3/16/97 3/04/97 2196194 Storm Warnings
Joey (Sam Saletta) returns to Kelly's place; Rob (Jason Lewis) asks Valerie's advice on a film script; spring-break plans separate Tracy and Brandon; David is present when Donna's father (Michael Durrell) is stricken ill; Steve is taken aback by Clare's contact with her male side, just as she hoped.
Alan: Richard C. Hearst. Mrs. Merrick: Marnie McPhail. Dr. Abrams: Bruce French. Tracy: Jill Novick.
196 BH-724 4/02/97 3/30/97 3/13/97 2196195 Spring Breakdown
In Hong Kong, Brandon's father (James Eckhouse) queries him about his feelings for Kelly, who, meanwhile, is at home drowning her sorrows. Elsewhere, Donna and her mother (Katherine Cannon) disagree about what's best for Dr. Martin's recovery; Valerie turns green after Rob's manager (Richard C. Hearst) pairs him with another client (Paige Rowland) for a big party.
Rob: Jason Lewis. Kelly's Companion: Scott Gurney. Dr. Martin: Michael Durrell.
197 BH-725 4/09/97 4/06/97 3/20/97 2196196 Heaven Sent
Mariah, the writer whom Brandon met in Texas, comes to L.A. with her book on angels, and her quick kinship with Kelly bothers Tracy. Meanwhile, it's thumbs up for Rob's performance, but thumbs down for the rest of his movie; Clare has a computer crisis and blames Steve; David marks a special anniversary with Donna.
Tracy Gaylian: Jill Novick. Rob: Jason Lewis. Mariah: Maia Campbell. New Age Artist: Kim Robertson.
198 BH-726 4/16/97 4/13/97 4/02/97 2196197 The Long Goodbye
After Brandon breaks up with Tracy, Valerie's meddling jeopardizes his future plans with Kelly; Donna spies her mother with an old flame at a campus talent show, where "shower singer" Clare takes the stage on a suggestion from Steve-who thinks the idea's all wet when he hears her.
Tracy Gaylian: Jill Novick. Felice Martin: Katherine Cannon.
199 BH-727 4/23/97 4/20/97 4/07/97 2196198 I Only Have Eyes For You
Valerie and Kelly each get a look at the other's journal, but only one takes the high road; a car-museum employee (Ken Weiler) sets up Steve and Brandon for a problematic ride in an electric car, which delays Brandon's attempt to fulfill a childhood dream for Kelly.
Dom DeLuise: Magic Morton.
200 BH-728 4/30/97 4/27/97 4/15/97 2196199 All That Jazz
David takes Donna on a one-night business trip to New Orleans, with unfortunate consequences; relations become strained between Steve's mother and Clare's father; Brandon nurses the flu-stricken Kelly and Valerie, who relive how they became enemies.
Chancellor Arnold: Nicholas Pryer. Samantha Sanders: Christina Belford. Prof. Langely: Olivia Brown. Derek Driscoll: Corin Nemec. Martin Burns: Michael D. Roberts. Ellen: Julie Nathanson.
201 BH-729 5/07/97 5/04/97 4/22/97 2196200 Mother's Day
Mother's Day is a tough time for Clare, who misses hers; and for Kelly, who fears she may be one. Meanwhile, Valerie schemes to get David to buy her out of their club.
Chancellor Arnold: Nicholas Pryer. Derek Driscoll: Corin Nemec. Jackie: Ann Gillespie. Felice Martin: Katherine Cannon. Prof. Langley: Olivia Brown.
202 BH-730 5/14/97 5/11/97 4/29/97 2196201 Senior Week
Steve's father doesn't offer the post-graduation future Steve had planned on; Kelly finds her dad with Valerie, who gets devastating news from Mr. Taylor; and Steve's further frustrated when Clare's pop asks her to move to Paris with him. Meanwhile, Kelly also receives disturbing medical news; and Donna flakes on her last final exam.
Rush Sander: Jed Allan. Bill Taylor: John Reilly. Derek Driscoll: Corin Nemec. Prof. Corin Langely: Olivia Brown. Dr. Baldwin: Mary Layne.
203 BH-731
5/21/97 5/18/97 5/12/97 2196202 Graduation Day
On commencement eve, Kelly keeps cool toward her father (John Reilly), but she's hot on ousting Valerie from the Walsh house; Donna decides it's time for her to move to a new level with David; and Steve plans "the best senior prank ever." Then, Valerie disrupts graduation day for Kelly, a day that also becomes flawed for Steve. Music group the Cardigans have a cameo.
Celia: June Lockhart. Rush Sander: Jed Allan. Bill Taylor: John Reilly. Jackie Taylor: Ann Gillespie. Ryan Sanders: Randy Spelling. Mel Silver: Matthew Laurance. Felice Martin: Katherine Cannon. Chancellor Arnold: Nicholas Pryor. Dr. Martin: Michael Durrell. Muntz: Ryan Thomas Brown. Joy Taylor: Ruth Livier.
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