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Main Cast
Brandon Walsh
Kelly Taylor
Steve Sanders
David Silver
Donna Martin
Valerie Malone
Nataniel 'Nat' Buccigio
Carly Reynolds
Noah Hunter
      Jason Priestley
Jennie Garth
Ian Ziering
Brian Austin Green
Tori Spelling
Tiffani-Amber Thiessen
Joe E. Tata
Hilary Swank [thru 2197219]
Vincent Young

Opening Title Sequence

204 BH-801
9/10/97 9/07/97 9/03/97 2197203 Aloha, Beverly Hills
In the eighth-season opener, the reality of living together takes its toll on Kelly and Brandon; Donna asks David to live with her, but with a stipulation; Steve has a couple of run-ins with a single mother; friends make a vacation out of Donna's photo shoot in Hawaii, where Valerie becomes smitten with a professional sailor who's got her number.
Tracy: Jill Elizabeth Novick. Zach Malloy: Miles Jeffrey. Felice Martin: Katherine Cannon. Dr. Martin: Michael Durrell. Vanessa Markley: Lynne Moody. Fernando Caldero: Juan Fernandez. Marcy: Carrie Stevens. [unknown]: Tom Virtue. Erin: Mercedes Kastner. Eric: Brian Van Holt. Coach: Don Dowe. Bartender: Christopher Liebe. Bellman #1: Ron Desmond. Restaurant Manager: Barry Heins. Gangbanger #1: Andrew Wasser. Assistant Pharmacist: Marie Gutierrez. Bellman #2: Ray Chang. Smitty the Bartender: Laisene Auelua. Hotel Greeter: Greg Chisteckoff. Patron: Nick Edenetti. Keoni: Kehuanani Hunt. MC Announcer: Charley Elencke. Gangbanger #2: Abraham Amedeo. Lead Singer: Brian Reardon.
205 BH-803 9/17/97 9/14/97 9/08/97 2197204 Forgive and Forget
A complete recovery is predicted for Kelly, and Brandon identifies a suspect; Donna lands another job, and tells her mother of her plans with David; Steve leads Carly to a job at the Peach Pit; Noah makes a quick exit after a night with Valerie.
Kara's Flowers: Kara's Flowers. Zach Malloy: Myles Jeffrey. Felice Martin: Katherine Cannon. Jackie Taylor: Ann Gillespie. Det. Woods: Robert Gossett. Dr. Sturla: Daniel Dae Kim. Jane Schulze: Jane Rogers. Charlotte: Jacqueline Campbell. Erin: Mercedes Kastner. ER Doctor: Jason Grant Smith. ER Nurse #1: Gayla Johnson. Nurse #4: Sonya Eddy. Frat Guy: Johnny Green. Paramedic: Paul Terrell Clayton. Delivery Man: Jeffrey Scott Jensen. Gangbanger #2: Abraham Amedeo. ER Nurse #2: Jayme Price.
206 BH-804 9/24/97 9/21/97 9/16/97 2197205 The Way We Weren't
Valerie counsels Brandon, who receives job offers from two newspapers; Steve makes his first faux pas as a sports agent; Donna has an on-the-job crisis; Noah takes Kelly on her first excursion outside the hospital.
Jackie Taylor: Ann Gillespie. Rush Sanders: Jed Allen. Det. Woods: Robert Gossett. Dr. Sturla: Daniel Dae Kim. Jane Schulze: Jane Rogers. [unknown]: Jacqueline Collen. [unknown]: Tamara Clutterbuck. Zaleski: Dean Tarrolly. Nurse: Sonya Eddy. Singer: Robin Swenson.
207 BH-805 10/01/97 9/28/97 9/24/97 2197206 Coming Home
Kelly returns to the only home she can recall; Steve and Brandon secure a production manager the day before deadline; Donna's fashion designs impress a manufacturer, whose workers toil in depressing conditions; Valerie learns about someone else in Noah's life; Steve offers to baby-sit for Carly after she rejects his romantic advances.
Zach Malloy: Myles Jeffrey. [unknown]: Gordon Thomson. Jackie Taylor: Ann Gillespie. Devin: Phil Buckman. Terri Spar: Fatima Lowe. Cooper Hargrove: Christopher Orr. Eluvia: Lucy Vargas. Housemaid: Danielle Aubry. Bandmember #1: James Berg. Bandmember #2: David McCrea. Bandmember #3: Jeff Van Atta. Little Girl: Erika Lopez.
208 BH-806 10/15/97 10/12/97 10/09/97 2197207 The Right Thing
Wealthy Ron Hargrove and pauper Noah have Valerie in a romantic quandry; Donna and Brandon trace the sweatshop to someone they know; David has trouble with recording-studio costs and Devin's racist remarks; Kelly faces a lineup of shooting suspects; Valerie backstabs while assisting Donna.
Zach Malloy: Myles Jeffrey. Det. Woods: Robert Gossett. Rush Sanders: Jed Allan. [unknown]: Gordon Thomson. Devin: Phil Buckman. Terri Spar: Fatima Lowe. Eluvia: Lucy Vargas. [unknown]: Richard Whiten. [unknown]: Lorna Raver. [unknown]: Jean Carol. Cooper Hargrove: Christopher Orr. Gangbanger #1: Andrew Wasser. Gangbanger #2: Abraham Amedeo. Co-Worker: Marabina James. Bandmember #1: James Berg. Bandmember #2: David McCrea. Bandmember #3: Jeff Van Atta. Receptionist: Sylvia Brooks.
209 BH-807 10/22/97 10/19/97 10/13/97 2197208 Pride and Prejudice
Brandon's overprotection alienates Kelly; Donna learns she's been stabbed in the back by Valerie, who juggles her rich man and her poor man on a dinner cruise attended by Steve and Carly; a record exec makes an offer for David's band, and the group surprises him with the material they plan for their debut at his club.
Zach Malloy: Myles Jeffrey. Det. Woods: Robert Gossett. Devin: Phil Buckman. Ari Bauer: Rich Cooper. Doris: Karen Landry. [unknown]: Jane Carr. [unknown]: Zaid Farid. [unknown]: Richard Erdman. Cooper Hargrove: Christopher Orr. Gangbanger #1: Andrew Wasser. Investor: Wylie Small. Bandmember #1: James Berg. Bandmember #2: David McCrea. Bandmember #3: Jeff Van Atta. Orderly: Richard Chacon. Guy: David Tuchman.
210 BH-808 10/29/97 10/26/97 [unknown] [2197209] Toil and Trouble
Kelly and Brandon find ways to put more excitement in their relationship; Donna is hired to organize a séance for a widow who's big in the fashion industry; David's desperate financial troubles take a toll on an unknowning Donna; and once again, Valerie's men cross paths - and neither enjoys it.
Zach Malloy: Myles Jeffrey. Cooper Hargrove: Christopher Orr. Terri Spar: Fatima Lowe. Jill Abernathy: Rebecca Balding. [Widow]: Edith Varon. Elana: Roxanna Brusso.
211 BH-809 11/05/97 11/02/97 10/28/97 2197210 Friends, Lovers & Children
Kelly and Brandon spot Dylan's little sister Erica working the streets; Steve is mistaken for Zach's father, and alleged to be someone else's; David meets with a loan shark, and Donna learns why; Brandon learns Noah's history after bailing him out of jail following a bar brawl.
Zach Malloy: Myles Jeffrey. Pam: Nancy Moonves. Erica Steele: Johna Stewart-Bowden. Terri Spar: Fatima Lowe. Jodi: Jessica Collins. Dan: Dirk Blocker. Sands: Robert Torti. Ricky: Jason Fijal. [unknown]: Leonardo Donato. Riggs: Vincent Irizarry. Wally: Erick Weiss. Sales Woman: Dawn Comer. Burly Man: Charley Rossman. Georgie: Tom Finnegan. Margo: Nicole Maringer. Waiter: Dennis Wiley.
212 BH-810 11/12/97 11/09/97 11/04/97 2197211 Child of the Night
After kicking David out, Donna sails with Noah, who twice rescues David from "a situation" with his creditor; Brandon writes Erica's story for his paper, but refuses to reveal his source to the assistant DA, who wants to presecute Erica's pimp; Carly talks to Jodi about motherhood.
Zach Malloy: Myles Jeffrey. Mel Silver: Matthew Laurance. Erica Steele: Johna Stewart-Bowden. Juli: Neisha Trout. Terri Spar: Fatima Lowe. Jodi: Jessica Collins. Assistant DA: Kimberly Bailey. Sands: Robert Torti. Det. Pate: Daniel Zacapa. Riggs: Vincent Irizarry. Bartender: Troy Harris. Nurse: Lena Pointer.
213 BH-811 11/19/97 11/16/97 11/12/97 2197212 Deadline
Erica proposes a way to help Brandon after he's arrested; Valerie seeks to learn who bailed out David, who rejects help from Donna after yet another mishap at his club; Steve queries his pater about paternity; Kelly volunteers for a new job at the foundation; Noah starts anew with Donna after coming clean about his finances.
Zach Malloy: Myles Jeffrey. Erica Steele: Johna Stewart-Bowden. Terri Spar: Fatima Lowe. Rush Sanders: Jed Allan. Jodi: Jessica Collins. Sands: Robert Torti. Dr. Monahan: George Del Hoyo. Dan: Dirk Blocker. Det. Pate: Daniel Zacapa. Jill Abernathy: Rebecca Balding. [unknown]: Nancy Linari. [unknown]: Angelo Tiffe. Riggs: Vincent Irizarry. Receptionist: Marina Palmier. Dr. Farr: Randy Kevitz. Waitress: Abby Kirban. Police Officer #1: Don Brunner. Police Officer #2: Lyle Killpatrick. Band Leader: Derek Walkington.
214 BH-812 12/03/97 11/30/97 11/21/97 2197213 Friend In Deed
David takes a job in retail after rejecting friendly overtures from Noah; Kelly suggests a writer for Brandon's paper, and questions the professionalism of Monahan; Valerie lobbies Noah to let her manage After Dark; Steve and Carly search for time alone together.
Zach Malloy: Myles Jeffrey. Dr. Monahan: George Del Hoyo. Emma Bennett: Angel Boris. Felice Martin: Katherine Cannon. Doris: Karen Landry. Terri Spar: Fatima Lowe. [unknown]: Bill Dearth. [unknown]: Tom Urich. Melissa: Mari Weiss. Nurse: Sha' Bennett. Kid: Stuart Stone. Barker: Stephen Poletti. Band Leader/Singer: Brian Reardon. Bidder #1: D. Paul Thomas. Bidder #2: Dia Dibble.
215 BH-813 12/10/97 12/07/97 12/01/97 2197214 Comic Relief
Kelly returns to modeling as a favor to Donna, and calls Monahan on his conduct; David tries to help a troubled co-worker at his new job; Steve takes the stage on comedy night at After Dark; Brandon finds Emma almost irresistible; Valerie and David's plan to create jealousy fails.
Zach Malloy: Myles Jeffrey. Dr. Monahan: George Del Hoyo. Emma Bennett: Angel Boris. Ben: Esteban Powell. Terri Spar: Fatima Lowe. Mrs. Wester: Jennifer Savidge. Wester: Christopher Curry. [unknown]: Gretchen German. Joe: Rainbow Borden. Dougie: Lance Christopher. Bad Comic #1: Tom Fahn. Bad Comic #2: P.B. Hutton. Bad Comic #3: David Raibon.
216 BH-814 12/17/97 12/14/97 12/08/97 2197215 Santa Knows
An administrator asks Kelly to give a speech praising Monahan at a fund-raiser; Donna reacts to Noah's lack of Christmas spirit; Zach questions the existence of Santa Claus; David helps as Ben delivers gifts to his parents; Emma gives Brandon a Christmas present.
Zach Malloy: Myles Jeffrey. Dr. Monahan: George Del Hoyo. Emma Bennett: Angel Boris. Ben: Esteban Powell. Terri Spar: Fatima Lowe. Mrs. Wester: Jennifer Savidge. Wester: Christopher Curry. Audrey Cutler: Pat Crowley. Nina Monaham: Carolyn Clark. Billy: Logan Pulizzi. Henry Aniston: John Rixey Moore.
217 BH-815 1/07/98 1/04/98 12/17/97 2197216 Ready or Not
Carly and Zach temporarily move in with Donna; Monahan confronts Kelly about her charge against him; David admits to Donna that his relationship with Valerie is a farce, but that changes; Emma puts increasing pressure on Brandon; Valerie warns a bookmaker away from After Dark, until he offers her a cut.
Duke: John Prosky. Zach Malloy: Myles Jeffrey. Dr. Monahan: George Del Hoyo. Emma Bennett: Angel Boris. Janet Sosna: Lindsay Price. Robert Gwinnet: Robert Curtis Brown. Himself: Brian McKnight. Audrey Cutler: Pat Crowley. Jeannie: Marina Palmier. Boss: Michael J. Kacey. Waiter: Craig Strong. Partygoer #1: Chuck Allred. Lead Singer: Larry Antonino.
218 BH-816 1/14/98 1/11/98 1/06/97 2197217 Illegal Tender
David tries to make amends after his first music review gets the artist fired; Valerie ignores Noah's decree to halt the sports betting at the club; Steve suffers after he and Brandon try to assess Kelly's potential reaction if Brandon comes clean about Emma; Carly loses Zach in a shopping mall.
Special Musical Guest: Jamie Blake. Duke: John Prosky. Zach Malloy: Myles Jeffrey. Emma Bennett: Angel Boris. Janet Sosna: Lindsay Price. Lady Shopper: Pamela Shafer. Jack: Craig Irwin. Customer: Ron Terry. Magician: Charlie Mount. Store Owner: Sam Clay. Male Shopper: Jim Meskimen.
219 BH-817 1/21/98 1/18/98 1/12/98 2197218 The Elephant's Father
Two new workers start at the clinic with Kelly, who tries to help a spousal-abuse victim; the sudden illness of Carly's father has her and Zach packing for Montana; David hangs out with an up-and-coming band to do an inside story; Valerie does her best to keep Kelly and Brandon apart.
Zach Malloy: Myles Jeffrey. Jeff Stockmann: Michael Reilly Burke. Dr. Martin: Michael Durrell. Janet Sosna: Lindsay Price. [unknown]: Christopher Daniel Barnes. Jasper: Paul Popowich. Mark: Eddie Ebell. [unknown]: Christopher Thomas. Leah: J. Robin Miller. [unknown]: Terry Cain. Delivery Guy: Eddie Mui.
220 BH-818 1/28/98 1/25/98 1/20/98 2197219 Rebound
David is in the middle after band keyboardist Mark blames his drunken-driving accident on bar owner Noah; a spoiled child model spells trouble for Donna; Steve inadvertently prompts a frat brother's fiancée to call off the wedding; Kelly counsels a teen who contracted an STD outside of her relationship.
Jeff Stockmann: Michael Reilly Burke. Janet Sosna: Lindsay Price. Kim: Jennifer Hetrick. Robert Gwinnet: Robert Curtis Brown. Jasper: Paul Popowich. Mark: Eddie Ebell. [Child Model]: Danielle Wiener. Kristi: Christie Lynn Smith. Harry: David Andriole. Ellen: Ashley Rose Davis. Tim: Paul Dimitropoulos.
221 BH-819 2/04/98 2/01/98 1/27/98 2197220 Crimes and Misdemeanors
Despite meeting Noah, Donna's hospitalized grandmother says Donna's fated mate is David, who moves out of Valerie's room; Kelly alerts Brandon to a potential story about an ex-con; Steve coaxes Brandon into a double date.
Celia Martin: June Lockhart. Jeff Stockmann: Michael Reilly Burke. Dr. Martin: Michael Durrell. Felice Martin: Katherine Cannon. Janet Sosna: Lindsay Price. Andrew Turner: Richard Joseph Paul. Jasper: Paul Popowich. Madeline: Josie Davis. Libby: Carrie Gunzel. [unknown]: Samaria Graham. Dr. Brisco: Leslie Ishii.
222 BH-820 2/11/98 2/08/98 2/05/98 2197221 Cupid's Arrow
While Kelly agrees to Jeff's Valentine's Day plans, Steve and Brandon get blind dates---but Brandon gets hung up on the phone. Meanwhile, the arrival of his half brother brings big trouble to Noah; Donna and David feel guilty about spending innocent time together, and worse when they're caught.
Josh Hunter: Michael Trucco. Jeff Stockmann: Michael Reilly Burke. Janet Sosna: Lindsay Price. Officer: Shawn Batten. Holly: Jill Pierce. Stephanie: Nikki Schieler Ziering. [unknown]: Kim Oja. Woman Doctor: Shelby Leverington. Paramedic: Wiley Pickett. Mrs. Hazelton: Barbara "Babs" London. Lead Singer: Adam Jackson. Singer: Morty Coyle.
223 BH-821 2/25/98 2/22/98 2/10/98 2197222 The Girl Who Cried Wolf
Noah tells Donna his side of what happened with Valerie, while Val's story finds few believers--and splits some friends apart. Elsewhere, Josh gives Donna something to counteract the effects of her pain pills; and Steve and Brandon ride along on patrol with Tammy and her partner, Glen.
Josh Hunter: Michael Trucco. Janet Sosna: Lindsay Price. Glen: Michael Tomlinson. Robert Gwinnet: Robert Curtis Brown. Jasper: Paul Popowich. Tammy Hanson: Shawn Batten. Mr. Remmington: D.C. Douglas. [unknown]: Aaron Seville. Danielle: Nicole Freeman. Female Detective: Marie Capitti. Louie: Toby Holguin.
224 BH-822 3/04/98 3/01/98 2/18/98 2197223 Law and Disorder
In the civil trial, Noah's attorney makes good use of Valerie's past schemes, but testimony from Noah's brother may counteract the effect; Donna combats work pressures with more pills and plagiarism; a record exec wants David, but not Jasper.
Josh Hunter: Michael Trucco. Janet Sosna: Lindsay Price. Harold Kay: Robert Pine. Dr. Martin: Michael Durrell. Robert Gwinnet: Robert Curtis Brown. Jasper: Paul Popowich. Karen Evans: Season Hubley. Frank Saunders: Yorgo Constantine. [unknown]: Joel Polis. Danielle: Nicole Freeman. Messenger: Ron Robinson. Bailiff: Karen Stone. Jury Foreman: Tom Huse.
225 BH-823 3/11/98 3/08/98 3/03/98 2197224 Making Amends
Kelly cares for a newborn left at the clinic by a teen mother; Steve falls for a woman when he reads her letters addressed to someone else; in an interview with Brandon, Jasper suggests David's gains are ill-gotten; Valerie struggles to get past her incident with Noah; and Donna suffers after she comes clean with her father and her boss.
Janet Sosna: Lindsay Price. Dr. Martin: Michael Durrell. Robert Gwinnet: Robert Curtis Brown. Jasper: Paul Popowich. Jill Reiter: Nicole Forester. Leanne: Jessica Alba. Judy: Wendy Schenker. Denise Lowery: Nancy Moonves. Frank Saunders: Yorgo Constantine. [unknown]: Tracy Grant. Manny: Eric Paskel. ER Doctor: Betsy Baldwin. Paramedic #1: David Taavon. Barbara: Rosie Malek-Yonan. Paramedic #2: Stephen Robert. Mother: Marlene Mitsuko Yamane. Nurse #2: Todd Howk. Becky: Lisa Ristorucci.
226 BH-824 3/18/98 3/15/98 3/09/98 2197225 The Nature of Nurture
Kelly objects when the abandoned baby is placed with a gay couple; Steve and Brandon split on running cigarette ads; Noah finances Donna's marketing of her own line of designs; Valerie's mother visits; and Kelly's father is freed.
Abby Malone: Michelle Phillips. Janet Sosna: Lindsay Price. Bill Taylor: John Reilly. Jill Reiter: Nicole Forester. Leanne: Jessica Alba. Judy: Wendy Schenker. Pam Ahern: Nancy Moonves. Kyle Vossler: Ben Lemon. Gene Crane: Geoffrey Lower. Woody Sloan: David Glen Eisley. Sally: Lisa Deanne. [unknown]: Mario Machado. Dean Shaver: Chris Ufland. Beatie Pompa: Jennifer Ruiz. Waitress: Crystal Michelle Blake.
227 BH-825 3/25/98 3/22/98 3/17/98 2197226 Aunt Bea's Pickles
Val and Kel find common ground--against their parents; Brandon interviews for a job at a major daily newspaper and is hired--but there's a catch; Steve reluctantly introduces Jill to Ted; Noah goes too far in helping Donna.
Abby Malone: Michelle Phillips. Janet Sosna: Lindsay Price. Bill Taylor: John Reilly. Jill Reiter: Nicole Forester. Jamie Stanley: Karen Fineman. Donald Tucker: Bob Kirsh. Ted Slafsky: Paul Kersey. Brian Carter: Ric Coy. Woman Journalist: Cynthia Graham. Male Journalist: Paul Ivy. Female Shopper: Mary Thornton. Saleswoman: Heather Herion.
228 BH-826 4/01/98 3/29/98 3/23/98 2197227 All That Glitters
A prize-winning journalist wants to collaborate with Brandon; Valerie creates problems over Noah's expensive-looking gifts to Donna, and hooks David up with a hot filmmaker; Kelly assists a mentally challenged man who's working at the clinic; Steve finds fault with Jill.
Adam Myers: Chris Demetral. Janet Sosna: Lindsay Price. Jill Reiter: Nicole Forester. Peter Raitt: Jesse Dabson. Lyle Scott: Dex Sanders. Frank Foskarino: Carl Strano. Patricia Myers: Shanna Reed. Barbara: Rosie Malek-Yonan. Greg Redborn: John Wheeler.
229 BH-827 4/15/98 4/12/98 4/06/98 2197228 Reunion
Image seems to be everything at the gang's five-year high-school reunion, where Valerie creates new personas for herself and David, while Andrea Zuckerman tries to hang on to her old one; Steve gets comeuppance for a past blunder, then makes new ones with date Janet; and Valerie makes a former football hero fumble.
Andrea Zuckermann: Gabrielle Carteris. Janet Sosna: Lindsay Price. Michelle Ashley: Hilary Matthews. Ross Webber: Dean Cochran. Rhonda Mogley: Stephanie Dicker. April Most: Wendi Tabor. Committee #1: Cat Tabor. Photographer: André Carthen. Joey: Terrell Ferguson. Bernie Torgov: Larry Sullivan, Jr. Al: J.C. Murad. Jeff Pike: J. Keith van Straaten. Fay: Shevonne Durkin. Millie: Constance Zimmer. Committee #2: Michelle Noh. Becky: Tricia Cruz. Lead Singer: Brian Reardon. Band Member: Jeff Babko.
230 BH-828 4/29/98 4/26/98 4/13/98 2197229 Skin Deep
Kelly protests Brandon's research on the opening of a sex shop in Beverly Hills; his participation in a bachelor party for high-school pal Muntz; and physical-image concerns of her mother and sister. Meanwhile, Donna learns a friend has a psychological problem; Steve has second thoughts about Janet after learning her attitude about sex.
Janet Sosna: Lindsay Price. Muntz: Ryan Thomas Brown. Monica: Jode Leigh Edwards. Jackie Taylor: Ann Gillespie. Erin: Mercedes Kastner. Joe: Christopher Maleki. Jerry Eckersley: Randy Crowder. Ricki: Andrea Abenoza. Picketer: Lauren Gould. Stripper: Nikki Fritz.
231 BH-829 5/06/98 5/03/98 4/22/98 2197230 Ricochet
Valerie is a match to be a bone-marrow donor; David is robbed at gunpoint at an ATM; a childhood friend visits Noah; Kelly continues to be suspicious of Brandon; Steve and Brandon screen applicants for an assistant position at the paper.
Janet Sosna: Lindsay Price. Gwynneth: Sarah Aldrich. Judy: Lisa Ann Morrison. Sarah Edmonds: Brandi Andres. Mark: Christopher J. Leman. Tom Stahl: Carmen Mormino. Mugger: Jeffrey Buehl. Counselor: Renée Altieri. Gun Salesman: Peter Lovett. Mitch: Philip Boyd. Nurse: Allana Foster. ATM Customer: Carlos G. Sanchez. Male Nurse: Peter McDonald. Belinda: Elisabeth Granli. Little Boy: Jake Sakson.
232 BH-830 5/13/98 5/10/98 4/28/98 2197231 The Fundamental Things Apply
Brandon and Kelly try to help a Bosnian refugee find his wife; Donna puts on a fashion show; Gwynneth takes a page from Valerie's book after admitting feelings for Noah; Steve learns Sarah is married; David is stiffed by a jingle client, and breaks up with Valerie, who rebounds with a dangerous one-night stand.
Janet Sosna: Lindsay Price. Gwynneth: Sarah Aldrich. Sarah Edmonds: Brandi Andres. Johnny Edmunds: Spencer Rochfort. Gil Gessner: Jeff Griggs. Alex Vaselic: Kristof Konrad. Mia: Chuti Tiu. Nurse Barbara: Rosie Malek-Yonan. Katya Vaselic: Aleksandra Kaniak. Young Woman: Noelle Becher.
233 BH-831
5/20/98 5/17/98 5/15/98 2197232 The Wedding
While Kelly and Brandon prepare to head to the altar in the season finale, friends have their own personal jitters starting with Valerie, who stubbornly resists David's urging to take an AIDS test after she confesses her risky one-night stand with a heroin user. Meanwhile, Donna is disappointed to learn that Noah disdains the institution of marriage for himself. But later her spirits are lifted--and her life literally saved--by the wedding's caterer. And Steve frets that the passion he shares with Sarah will be undone after she attends a counseling session with her estranged husband.
Part One Cast:
Janet Sosna: Lindsay Price. Jackie Taylor: Ann Gillespie. Bill Taylor: John Reilly. Sarah Edmonds: Brandi Andres. Jacob Wallenfels: Neil Roberts. Johnny Edmunds: Spencer Rochfort. Reverend Mitchell: James Karen. [unknown]: Drew Bongianni. Receptionist #1: Jennifer Tung. Arthur: Steve Moloney. Jeweler: Jayson Creek. Worker #1: Bryan Anthony.
Part Two Cast:
Janet Sosna: Lindsay Price. Jackie Taylor: Ann Gillespie. Cindy Walsh: Carol Potter. Bill Taylor: John Reilly. Mel Silver: Matthew Laurance. Sarah Edmonds: Brandi Andres. Jacob Wallenfels: Neil Roberts. Reverend Mitchell: James Karen. Muntz: Ryan Thomas Brown. Joan: Julie Parrish. [unknown]: Patricia Delany. Erin: Mercedes Kastner. Jim Walsh: James Eckhouse. Mitch: Philip Boyd. Julie: Andrea Taylor. Jeweler: Jayson Creek. Dr. Clarkson: Robert Rigamonti. Nurse #1: David Herndon-White. Tim: Jim Vellequette. Receptionist #2: Tara Yvette Thomas. Matt Coleson: Michael Hornaday. Lead Singer: Michael Bondies. Band Member: Bruce Atkinson.
[2 hrs]
NOTE: This is the first time that I know of where the satellite uplink of a two-hour episode has been done as two separate episodes. Normally the uplink is the same as what is aired by FOX, a combined episode with only one opening and closing credits. These two episodes were uplinked with their own set of credits, hence the separate cast lists. The satellite slate did say that it was the syndicated master.

The Master Date listed for episode 2197217 is as listed. Whoever changed the date for the slate forgot to change the year.

The Uplink Date refers to the date the episode was satellite fed to international sales customers.

The Master Date refers to the date the edited master was created for the international sales satellite feed.

The Prod Num refers to the production number assigned to the episode by the production company. It is not the number assigned to the episode by FOX.

The numbers within the [ ] are the show's ratings. They are: ranking/rating/share. Keep in mind that the ranking should be taken with a grain of salt. The ranking will be inconsistant from week to week, because the number of television programs aired varies. The numbers to watch are rating and share.

The television universe is estimated at 98.0 million homes. One rating point is equal to 980,000 TV homes. A share is the percentage of TVs that are turned on that are tuned to the program.

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