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Main Cast
Brandon Walsh
Kelly Taylor
Steve Sanders
David Silver
Donna Martin
Valerie Malone
Noah Hunter
Janet Sosna
Matt Durning
Nataniel 'Nat' Buccigio
      Jason Priestley [thru 2198237]
Jennie Garth
Ian Ziering
Brian Austin Green
Tori Spelling
Tiffani-Amber Thiessen [thru 2198239]
Vincent Young
Vanessa Marcil [from 2198239]
Lindsay Price
Daniel Cosgrove [from 2198236]
Joe E. Tata
[Special Guest Star]
Dylan McKay       Luke Perry [from 2198239]

Opening Title Sequence

Fox Promos

234 BH-901 9/16/98 9/13/98 8/10/98 2198233 Morning After
Loose ends hang between Kelly and Brandon as the ninth season opens in the aftermath of what was supposed to be their wedding day. The pair made a mutual decision to call it off---but on the morning after, it's no longer mutual, and there's a palpable tension between them. Meanwhile, David urges Valerie to be a kinder, gentler Val as she struggles to celebrate the negative result of her HIV test; Donna meddles in Noah's family affairs; and Steve is blind to the shady side of a new acquaintance, whom he sees as girlfriend material. But she has eyes for someone else.
Special Musical Guest: Duncan Sheik. Blythe Hunter: Leigh Taylor-Young. Daniel Hunter: Ray Wise. Sophie Burns: Laura Leighton. Kyle Scott: Dex Sanders. Phyllis Barnes: Renee Altieri. Glen King: Tom Sullivan. Guy: Timmons Moore. Salesperson: Tammy Tavares.
[25/8.0/14 (7.6/13:8.4/14)]
235 BH-902 9/23/98 9/20/98 8/17/98 2198234 Budget Cuts
Kelly turns to Brandon when her clinic's budget is cut; Valerie is met with a surprise when she sets to tell her mother the truth about Mr. Malone's death; at Donna's urging, Noah achieves a measure of peace with his father; Sophie shares her plans with David; but continues to deceive Steve.
Abby Malone: Michelle Phillips. Daniel Hunter: Ray Wise. Sophie Burns: Laura Leighton. Carl Schmidt: Bruce Thomas. Audrey Cutler: Pat Crowley. Rick Miller: Robert Caso. Nurse Barbara: Rosie Malek-Yonan. John Wakefield: Jack Maxwell. Maid: Angela Albarez. Bidder: Brian Presley. Staffer: Parry Shen. Carla: Ludo Vika.
[66/6.9/11 (6.5/11:7.3/12)]
236 BH-903 9/30/98 9/27/98 8/27/98 2198235 Dealer's Choice
Kelly accompanies a wedding party to Las Vegas; Donna's done in by another designer; Brandon learns something about Noah's father; Steve invents a date to make Sophie jealous; Noah makes an errant toast at Donna's parents' anniversary party.
Abby Malone: Michelle Phillips. Blythe Hunter: Leigh Taylor-Young. Sophie Burns: Laura Leighton. Felice Martin: Katherine Cannon. Dr. Martin: Michael Durrell. Carl Schmidt: Bruce Thomas. Carrie Knox: Jordana Stiro. Jankowski: Brendan Ford. Jessup: Michael Kagen. Justice of the Peace: Charles Hutchins. Stickman: Douglas Jackson. Receptionist: Pat Lawrence. Desk Sargent: Kevin Lowe. Croupier #1: Damara Reilly. Croupier #2: Michael Yama.
[63/7.1/12 (6.7/12:7.5/12)]

SP-9914 10/14/98 10/11/98 [unknown] [unknown] Beverly Hills, 90210...
Our Favorite Moments
Cast members offer their picks. Those commenting include the soon-to-depart Jason Priestly the soon-to-return Luke Perry, Jennie Garth, Tori Spelling, Brian Austin Green, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, Vincent Young as well as executive producer Aaron Spelling. Ian Ziering hosts.
[75/5.3/9 (5.2/9:5.4/9)]
237 BH-904 10/28/98 10/25/98 [unknown] 2198236 Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Sophie makes her presence felt at the Beverly Beat; a needy Noah turns to Valerie instead of Donna, who hires him a lawyer; Kelly proposes a business partnership to Donna; Valerie's "mistake" in Las Vegas prompts a threat from Abby over another matter.
Abby Malone: Michelle Phillips. Blythe Hunter: Leigh Taylor-Young. Sophie Burns: Laura Leighton. Carl Schmidt: Bruce Thomas. Lenny: Christopher Daniel Barnes. [unknown]: Marcia Mitzman Gaven. Officer #1: Robert Keith. Assistant District Attorney: Mirron Willis. Minister: Brian Carpenter. Realtor: Toni Attell. Freddie: Paul DiMitropoulos.
[53/7.8/12 (7.5/12:8.0/13)]
238 BH-905 11/04/98 11/01/98 9/15/98 2198237 Brandon Leaves
While continuing his work as a series producer, Jason Priestley leaves behind his acting role on the show that shot him to stardom, as Brandon Walsh prepares to head East for the job he's always wanted: reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper, The New York Chronicle. But how to leave the comforting environs of 90210? "This is home," he tells best bud Steve and of course there's former fiancée Kelly. And a chat with Kelly's new lawyer friend, Matt, gives him more to ponder. Meanwhile, Valerie hires Matt to help in the situation with her mother. But it's another client who spawns Kelly's ire.
Abby Malone: Michelle Phillips. Sophie Burns: Laura Leighton. Lenny: Christopher Daniel Barnes. Eric: Alex Mendoza. Leah: J. Robin Miller. Guest: Jeff Broadhurst. Director: John Gallucci. Receptionist: Victoria Haas.
[48/8.1/13 (7.9/13:8.2/13)]
239 BH-906 11/11/98 11/08/98 9/21/98 2198238 Confession
Valerie plans her own farewell party; desperate for money, Sophie increases her circle of friends; Kelly's aid to Leah takes her outside the law; Noah turns adrenaline junkie; and Steve takes his newspaper in a new direction.
Abby Malone: Michelle Phillips. Sophie Burns: Laura Leighton. Tom Savin: Carlos Ponce. Lenny: Christopher Daniel Barnes. [unknown]: Judson Mills. Ellen Clayton: Kymberly S. Newberry. Leah: J. Robin Miller. Richard: Robin Atkins Downes. Repo Man: Matt Gallini. James: David Nicksic. Simon: Nicky Blair. Policeman: Jeffry James Castillo. Stan: Guy Wareing.
[71/7.1/11 (6.8/11:7.4/12)]
Note: Fox is counting this as the 250th episode, a result of counting specials and fudge factors.
240 BH-907 11/18/98 11/15/98 9/29/98 2198239 You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello
Executive producer Aaron Spelling called it "a very significant, happy day" when Luke Perry was signed to return to 90210---a homecoming that happens tonight. Perry, who says his feature-film experience has enriched his sense of the character, says there's "a lot [he] wanted to do with Dylan"; he'll have plenty of opportunity, beginning with Dylan's surprise arrival on Thanksgiving Day, which naturally flusters Kelly. Former General Hospital star Vanessa Marcil also joins the cast tonight as Donna's cousin Gina, a professional ice skater whose career, unbeknownst to Donna, is on the skids. Meanwhile, David and Noah are each involved in separate matters with the police.
Denise O'Lare: Christa Sauls. Mrs. O'Lare: Tricia O'Neil. Arty: Victor Brandt. Chris Getz: Clayton Landey. Nancy Ann: Jennifer O'Dell. Terri Olson: Annie O'Donnell. Det. Caliendo: Al Rodrigo. Justin Olson: David Bickford. Desk Sergeant: Gwen McGee. Nurse: Louisa Abernathy.
[49/8.1/13 (7.7/13:8.5/13)]
241 BH-908 12/02/98 11/29/98 10/05/98 2198240 I'm Back Because ...
Surprises are in store in an episode that focuses on conflicts between parents and children. For starters, Steve's mother doesn't like his paper's tabloid slant, while he's not happy with her new, substantially younger, suitor. Meanwhile, Kelly's ailing grandfather prefers to die with dignity, a desire that splits Kelly and her mother, who vows not to terminate life support should it come to that. In the case of Denise versus David, Dylan learns that neglect by Denise's parents may play a role in the case. And Dylan confides to Kelly a reason for his return.
Ann Gillespie: Jackie Taylor. Samantha Sanders: Christina Belford. Grandpa Ed: Harrison Young. Denise O'Lare: Christa Sauls. Mrs. O'Lare: Tricia O'Neil. Mrs. Yvonne Teasley: Denise W. Dowse. Detective Caliendo: Al Rodrigo. Mr. O'Lare: Vaughn Armstrong. Super: James Wellington. Assistant District Attorney: Inny Clemons. Barry: Will Wallace.
[47/7.7/12 (7.4/12:7.9/13)]
242 BH-909 12/09/98 12/06/98 10/19/98 2198241 Following Options
Kelly is called on to make a life-or-death decision for her emphysemic grandfather, while Matt is hired to help defend a tobacco company; Steve wrestles with his thoughts as news about his mother spreads; Dylan takes his bullet-riddled Porsche out of storage; Donna befriends a female gang member.
Jackie Taylor: Ann Gillespie. Samantha Sanders: Christina Belford. [unknown]: Darby Hinton. Sonia: Mariam Parris. Grandpa Ed: Harrison Young. Damon: Jason Allen. Lucy: Lauren Hodges. Richard: Reggie Lee. Adrian: Sam Doumit. Stranger: Greg Ginther. Mouse: Jandi Swanson. Nurse: J.J. Boone. Judy: Kimmarie Johnson. Hershel: Van B. Poole. Upscale Costumer: Brande Roderick.
[58/7.0/12 (6.8/12:7.3/12)]
243 BH-910 12/16/98 12/13/98 10/21/98 2198242 Marathon Man
This Yuletide episode delves deeper into the enigma that is Dylan, whose odd behavior includes taking Kelly to breakfast---in Mexico. That's not good news to Matt, who makes clear to Kelly that he won't "compete with trust funds." But Kelly later finds Dylan with Gina, who carries a Mexican souvenir just like hers. What neither lady knows is that each has brought back something inside her gift. Meanwhile, the Brian Setzer Orchestra performs at an AIDS-benefit dance marathon, where Steve pledges $1000 to sponsor a couple, unaware that the rate is per hour of dancing. Rather than admit his error, he recruits hoofers likely to fade fast, or so he thinks.
Muntz: Ryan Thomas Brown. Sonia: Mariam Parris. Lucy: Lauren Hodges. Special Musical Guest: Brian Setzer. Julie Muntz: Andrea E. Taylor. Detective Bledsoe: Daniel Guzman. Raoul: Pete Leal. Stuart: Christopher Northup. Mexican Drug Dealer: Michael Anthony Rosas.
[56/6.8/11 (6.3/10:7.4/12)]
244 BH-911 1/13/99 1/10/99 11/04/98 2198243 How to be the Jerk Women Love
Steve decides to market his pick-up techniques; Kelly balks at sleeping with Matt; Gina stirs things up between Donna and her mother; Dylan gets a shock when he visits someone from his past.
Felice Martin: Katherine Cannon. Gertrude: Kayren Ann Butler. [unknown]: Gabriel Dell. Zimmer: Jayme Gallante. [unknown]: Ryan Odum. Cemetery Manager: Edmund L. Shaff. Funny Guy: Mykal Williams. Woman #3: Opal Anchel. South Central Drug Dealer: Christopher Brown. Marissa: Jennie Chester. Woman #2: Kelly Haren. Woman #1: Ion Overman.
[65/7.1/11 (6.9/11:7.3/11)]
245 BH-912 1/20/99 1/17/99 11/30/98 2198244 Trials and Tribulations
Dissatisfied customers take Steve to court, and wind up on TV; Gina continues to care for Dylan, who is arrested; Donna and Noah struggle to find a place to be alone; David has to back up his lie to Gertrude; Kelly second-guesses herself with Matt.
Gertrude: Kayren Ann Butler. Judge [Mary Addison]: Cristine Rose. [unknown]: Gabriel Dell. Zimmer: Jayme Gallante. [unknown]: Jerry Kernion. [unknown]: Ryan Odum. Brian: Jarrad Paul. Armed Guard: Michele T. Carter. Man: Mark Chaet. Cop #1: Carlos Alberto Felix. Sheriff: Dennis Singletary. Funny Guy: Mykal Williams. Baliff: Bill Lee Brown. Woman: Valeria Ghiran. Cop #2: Joel Hollis. Guard: Sean Nepita.
[50/7.1/11 (6.8/11:7.4/12)]
246 BH-913 1/27/99 1/24/99 12/16/98 2198245 Withdrawal
Dylan reluctantly accepts friends' support and agrees to enter a detox program-then bolts before he starts; Matt and Gina suspect there is more than friendship behind Kelly's concern for Dylan; Donna designs an awards-show dress for singer; Steve messes up while taking care of Janet's dog.
Clara: Rosa Blasi. Lauren: Cari Shayne. Nancy Walters: Dawn Stern. Dr. Kramer: David Gautreaux. Ben: Michael Luckerman. [Herself]: Nancy O'Dell. Sven: Jonathan Aube. Mitzi: Dylan Tays. Joan: Alana Curry. Nurse: Ruth Gottschall. Cindy: Michelle Ongkingco.
[54/7.3/12 (7.1/11:7.6/12)]
247 BH-914 2/03/99 1/31/99 12/18/98 2198246 I'm Married
A woman reenters Matt's life, but Kelly learns about it from another; Gina is jealous of the former addict who is sponsoring Dylan, and Dylan finds trouble on his community-service job; practical jokes between Steve and Noah take a deadly serious turn.
Lauren: Cari Shayne. Foreman: Christopher Murray. Ramon: Julio Dolce Vita. Linda: Monica Allison. Hal: Sal Viscuso. Carole: Jennifer Griffin Chambers. Widow: Kate Gladfelter. Ticket Seller: Joel Farar. Health Inspector: Jim Lau. Manager: Sean Moran. Paramedic: David A. Saunders.
[70/6.6/11 (6.3/10:6.9/11)]
248 BH-915 2/10/99 2/07/99 1/18/99 2198247 Beheading St. Valentine
Lauren moves into the Walsh house; Steve's idea for his paper leads to an alert about a potential health problem; Donna agrees to pose as David's girlfriend at a business function; Gina worries she can't keep pace with Dylan.
Lauren: Cari Shayne. Dr. Beldon: Bernie Koppell. Billy: John Simon Jones. Sharon: Julie St. Claire. Special Musical Guest: Wild Orchid Chyanne: Sherri Howard. Helena: Pamela Paulshock. The Waiter: Chris Eckles. Passer By: Brennan Smith.
[67/6.9/11 (6.6/11:7.1/11)]
249 BH-916 2/17/99 2/14/99 1/25/99 2198248 Survival Skills
Matt is devastated to learn that the medicine that keeps Lauren sane is killing her. Together, they must decide if she will stay on the deadly medicine or return to the terror of her mental illness. Meanwhile, Dylan finds himself torn between spending time with Gina and the now available Kelly. Who will win his heart? Donna, unable to forgive Noah, finds that the embers of her relationship with David may still be burning when he makes a play to get her back. Steve and Janet get a lesson from the birds and the bees when they attempt to chaperone a camping trip.
Lauren: Cari Shayne. Dr. Michaels: Julie Caitlin-Brown. Marianne Plague: Natanya Ross. Stewart Tyler: Brian Vaughan.
[68/6.8/11 (6.5/11:7.1/11)]
250 BH-917 3/03/99 2/28/99 2/01/99 2198249 Slipping Away
Gina's mother is little help when Gina learns her trust fund isn't as large as she thought; Kelly enlists Dylan's help for a trip to Mexico to help Matt and Laruen; Janet's father objects to her relationship with Steve; Donna agrees to a date with David.
Lauren: Cari Shayne. Bobbi: Karen Austin. Ben: James Shigeta. Michelle: Leslie Ishii. [Unknown]: David Wells. Pat Sorem: Judith McConnell. INS Officer: Teddy Lane, Jr.. Security Guard: Manny Mendoza. Dr. Deborah Fowler: Carla Toutz. The Nerd: Jin Young.
[64/6.5/10 (6.3/10:6.6/10)]
251 BH-918 3/10/99 3/07/99 2/08/99 2198250 Bobbi Dearest
A man disappears after saving Dylan's life; Gina decides to sue Felice for mismanaging her trust fund; Steve acquires a madam's black book, which Matt finds valuable; David advertises for a girlfriend on his radio show.
Bobbi: Karen Austin. Felice Martin: Katherine Cannon. Tim: Michael Hagerty. Jay Snelling: Kevin Rahm. Holly: Christina Fredlund. [Dr.] Miriam Grogg: Kathleen Lloyd. Anna: Kyle Richards. Cecile: Nikita Ager. Rebecca Barret: Jaquelyn Houston. Linda Barret: China Jesusita Shavers. Jet Skier: Sean Graham.
[67/6.3/10 (6.2/10:6.5/10)]
252 BH-919 3/17/99 3/14/99 2/17/99 2198251 The Leprechaun
Over Donna's objection, Kelly hires a publicist to boost business at the boutique; Steve hires a "leprechaun" to promote the paper; Noah gets an offer for the Peach Pit's space; David's new romance appears likely to be short-lived.
Pia Swanson: Josie DiVincenzo. Claudia: Christina Fredlund. Todd: Mick Murray. Jeannine Stein: Elaine Princi. Lou: Danny Woodburn. Ada Milstein: Jodi Harris. Buddy: Lawrence LeJohn. Don: A.J. Tannen. Harold Strauss: Michael Yavnieli. Receptionist: Jessica Randle.
[59/6.5/11 (6.2/11:6.9/11)]
253 BH-920 4/07/99 4/04/99 2/23/99 2198252 Fortune Cookie
Dylan's friendly gift to Kelly upsets Gina; Steve is unnerved by a psychic's bitter prediction; David and Claudia lay the groundwork for their faux marriage; a high-school nemesis asks for Donna's help; Matt prepares to advertise on TV.
Mr. Bigelow: Leigh J. McCloskey. Claudia: Christina Fredlund. Ashley Reese: Ashley Laurence. Cole Younger: Richard Danielson. Dr. Mortimer: Matthew Faison. Holly: Shonda Farr. Zoe: Melissa Greenspan. Esme: Rianna Loving. Chad: Aaron Paul.
[66/5.9/10 (5.4/10:6.3/11)]
254 BH-921 4/14/99 4/11/99 3/11/99 2198253 I Wanna Reach Right Out And Grab Ya
Donna's parents separate; Matt and Dylan team as pool sharks; David befriends a former top DJ; Janet and Steve baby-sit a child prodigy; Gina fibs about her relationship with a celebrity; Kelly reveals a "truth" under hypnosis.
Felice Martin: Katherine Cannon. Dr. Martin: Michael Durrell. Sonny Sharp: Shadoe Stevens. Dr. Van Fertle: Joel Brooks. Father Ledley: Peter Deanda. Rick Miller: Robert Caso. K.T. Liss: Susan Mosher. Mikey: Jackson Price. Mrs. Foley: Brenda Varda. Charlie: John William Stevenson. Peter Foley: Scott Terra.
[?/6.5/11 (5.9/10:7.1/12)]
255 BH-922 4/21/99 4/18/99 3/15/99 2198254 Local Hero
Kelly and Dylan save the day when they prevent a pregnant woman from being mugged. In order to avoid unwanted attention, Kelly reports that the hero was Steve -- who struggles with taking credit for a good deed he didn't do. Meanwhile, Matt brokers a business deal for Gina and Donna intervenes when Noah searches for a long-lost relative.
Katie: Jennifer O'Dell. Rene: Shiri Appleby. Jackie [Michaels]: Lisa Louise Langford. Chang: Steven Vincent Leigh. Sal: Jan Rabson. Officer Terry: Jeff Rector. The Reporter: Suzanne Sena. Steven: Timothy Starks. Ryan: Jeremy Suarez. Doyle: Zia.
[58/6.2/10 (6.2/10:6.5/10)]
256 BH-923 4/28/99 4/25/99 3/30/99 2198255 The End of the World As We Know It
Noah's father's company is sued by Matt; Katie moves forward with David; a nannycam catches Matt and Kelly making love; Steve goes Y2Krazy, ignoring - or avoiding - a trip with Janet; a model makes a play for Donna.
Wayne: Shawn Christian. Katie: Jennifer O'Dell. Erin: Mercedes Kastner. Special Musical Guest: Monica. Vendor: Casey Bishop.
[66/5.9/10 (5.5/10:6.4/11)]
257 BH-924 5/05/99 5/02/99 4/08/99 2198256 Dog's Best Friend
Donna is warned not to move in with Noah, who gets disturbing news about his late father; David sees Dylan operate in Las Vegas; Gina gets a health warning; Janet experimants with a computerized matchmaker; and is intrigued by the result.
Mel Silver: Matthew Laurence. Wayne: Shawn Christian. Adam: Eric Pierpoint. Joe Patch: Cliff Dorfman. Joyce: Adrienne Alitowski. The Bartender: Taimak Guari. The waitress: Patrice Jennings. Suzanne: Kelli McCarty. Mike: Cort McCown. Todd: Brogan Roche. Mary: Bonnie Somerville.
[63/6.3/11 (6.0/11:6.6/11)]
258 BH-925 5/12/99 5/09/99 4/12/99 2198257 Agony
Kelly confides in Dylan about her incident; Matt defends a career criminal on a burglary charge; Donna declines to move in with Noah or travel with Wayne; an art critic lauds Steve's photography; Gina returns to the rink.
Wayne: Shawn Christian. Joe Patch: Cliff Dorfman. The Competitor: Keiko Agena. [ADA] Derek Hall: John Harrington Bland. The Man: Carlo Castronovo. Herself: Pasha Grishuk. Nurse [Carrie] Schipper: Charmin Lee. The Announcer: Daniel C. Levine. Miles Caufield: Ricco Ross.
Sgt. Anna Cohen: Carrie Dobro.
[64/6.1/10 (5.9/10:6.4/10)]
259 BH-926 5/19/99 5/16/99 4/12/99 2198258 That's the Guy
Kelly packs heat; Steve throws a party when the Beat goes into the black; Gina shares her history with David; Noah finds Donna with Wayne; Dylan offers a reward to find Kelly's attacker, who returns - with a new case for Matt.
Wayne: Shawn Christian. Joe Patch: Cliff Dorfman. Special Musical Guest: Collective Soul. Frank: Joey Box. Homeless Woman: Anne Gee Byrd. The Paramedic: Fred Estrada. The Bartender: Taimak Guari. Annie: Karen Hartman. The Customer: Leslie Lesh. Sean: Elijha Mahar. The ER Doctor: Richard Narita. The Man: Marc Newburger. The Guy: Ryan O'Quinn.
[52/6.5/12 (6.1/11:7.0/12)]

The Uplink Date refers to the date the episode was satellite fed to international sales customers.

The Master Date refers to the date the edited master was created for the international sales satellite feed.

The Prod Num refers to the production number assigned to the episode by the production company. It is not the number assigned to the episode by FOX.

The numbers within the [ ] are the show's ratings. They are: ranking/rating/share. The first set of numbers are the ratings average for the hours. The next two sets of numbers are for the first and last half-hour, respectively. Keep in mind that the ranking should be taken with a grain of salt. The ranking will be inconsistant from week to week, because the number of television programs aired varies. The numbers to watch are rating and share.

The television universe is estimated at 99.4 million homes. One rating point is equal to 994,000 TV homes. A share is the percentage of TVs that are turned on that are tuned to the program.

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