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12/19/03 Synopsis


In a moving and comical holiday episode about forgiveness and miracles
of the season, Guber contends with a delusional student who believes
he's Jesus and is using school funds to feed the homeless behind the
school; Hanson works hard to create a perfect first Christmas for his
wife and niece, but the return of his troubled sister could mean the end
to his new family; and Marla inadvertently books the band R.E.M. for the
school fundraiser (R.E.M. will perform an acoustic version of "Losing
My Religion" in Doyle's Bar -- the story of the episode was written
focusing on the songs title - and their single "Bad Day" will play in
the background during the episode) in the "Chapter Seventy-Six" episode
of BOSTON PUBLIC Friday, Dec.19 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (BP-410)

Cast: Chi McBride as Steven Harper, Jeri Ryan as Ronnie Cook, Anthony
Heald as Scott Guber, Michael Rapaport as Danny Hanson, Sharon Leal
as Marylin Sudor, Loretta Devine as Marla Hendricks, Natalia Baron as
Carmen Torres, Fyvush Finkel as Harvey Lipschultz.

Guest Cast: R.E.M. as themselves, Lou Volpe as Manolli, Miko Hughes as
Peter Feldman, Courtney Peldon as Becky Emerson, Kris Murphy as Barbara
Renner, King Manuel as Hernandez, Rafael J. Noble as homeless man, Jeffrey
Pierce as Will Styros, Robert Maffia as Mr. Feldman, Nancy Fassett as
Mrs. Feldman, Edward Carnevale as Eddie, Kate Norby as Joannie Hanson,
Lyrica Woodruff as Allison Hanson, Missy Yager as Claire Ellison.

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