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BURBANK, CA (March 10, 2003)

As The WB's groundbreaking drama DAWSON'S CREEK winds its way to a two-hour series finale on Wednesday, May 14 (8:00-10:00 p.m. ET), the network will treat viewers to an encore performance of the controversial pilot episode on Wednesday, March 19 (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET).

The highly anticipated 1998 premiere of DAWSON'S CREEK was a milestone for The WB. The program posted an exceptional 2.6/6 among adults 18-49, and was particularly strong among women 18-34 (3.7/9) and women 18-49 (3.3/ 8). The best-ever performance on the young network at that time, the episode attracted a huge teen audience (7.5/22), #1 in the time period, and reigned supreme among female teens, leading the night with an 11.3/35. This strong female teen rating outperformed that week's Wednesday teen duo of "Beverly Hills, 90210" (11.1/31) and "Party of Five" (9.3/28) on FOX.

The first episode was written by series creator Kevin Williamson and begins with the sophomore year of high school for Dawson Leery (James Van Der Beek) and his best friend, Josephine "Joey" Potter (Katie Holmes), who are struggling with the knowledge that their lifelong friendship is about to change. Adding to Joey's confusing emotions is the arrival of the radiant Jennifer Lindley (Michelle Williams), who appears to be "the girl next door," but harbors a dark secret that gives her an air of mystery. Rounding out the clique is Pacey Whitter (Joshua Jackson), whose gift for sarcasm is topped only by a knack for stumbling awkwardly into adult situations.

The series finale, which is being written by Williamson and series co-producer Maggie Friedman, will focus on the show's original core cast and will flash forward to the years following college graduation and a memorable event which reunites them all in Capeside.

Filmed on location in Wilmington, North Carolina, DAWSON'S CREEK is executive produced by Paul Stupin, Tom Kapinos and Greg Prange for Sony Pictures Television.

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Promos [6th season]

Date Type Length Size Ver
May 14, 2003 M1S :32 5,737,956 10
May 7, 2003 M1S
Apr 30, 2003 M1S
Apr 23, 2003 M1S :22 3,990,308
Apr 16, 2003 M1S
Apr 9, 2003 M1S 11
Apr 2, 2003 M1S :32 5,737,956 10
Mar 26, 2003 M1S :22 3,990,308
Mar 19, 2003 M1S :32 5,737,956
Dec 11, 2002 M1S
Nov 20, 2002 M1S :22 3,990,308
Nov 13, 2002 M1S :32 5,737,956
Nov 6, 2002 M1S :22 3,990,308
Oct 30, 2002 M1S
Oct 23, 2002 M1S
Oct 16, 2002 M1S
Oct 2, 2002 M1S :32 5,737,956 20
M1S 10

Season Five Credits

Type Mirror Length Size Notes
M1S NA EU 0:42 7,367,080 Version 2
MPE NA EU 1:24 14,676,060 Version 1

The version 2 opening credits were only used during peoduction number 515.

Season Five Closing Music

Length Size
:37 1,482,752
Note: The closing music will never be heard on The WB.

Season Three Opening Credits

Type :50 (Ver 1) :52 (Ver 2) 1:03 (Ver 3)
MPE 8,710,352 9,058,952 10,939,916
Version 1 = letterbox
Version 2 = pan-n-scan
Version 3 = pan-n-scan [new version]

Season Three Closing Music

Length Size
:36 870,400
Note: The closing music will never be heard on The WB.

Season Two Opening Credits

Type Encoding 1:23
AVI Indeo 5.06 6,463,488
MOV CinePak 9,151,890

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Episode Synopses

I've copied all of the official Warner Bros. synopsis information onto this site. Why? Because they only used MicroSh!t fonts, fonts that are unavailable on most Unix computers. There are two Dawson's Creek sites. These come from www.dawsons-creek.com (now closed).

BTW, while recoding the pages, I discovered tons of HTML syntax errors as well. I don't know who they contracted to write their pages, as they are full of errors, resulting from one or more persons that don't know HTML, or more than likely, using a poorly written program.


James Van Der Beek - 3/08/77
Brittany Daniel - 3/17/76
Katie Holmes - 12/18/78
Joshua Jackson - 6/11/78
Monica Keena - 5/28/80
Meredith Monroe - 12/30/76
Kerr Smith - 3/09/72
Michelle Williams - 9/09/80

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