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The episodes are shown in production order. The new title sequence is used. The first title sequence is only on home recorded versions. The synopses in the DVD set are almost word-for-word as to what is on this site for episode descriptions (original UPN provided descriptions). The cast list on this site lists both actor and the name of the character the actor played, the DVD set does not.

Opening/Closing Credits

Type Mirror Length Size Notes
M1S NA EU :32 5,737,956 New Season 1 Open - Texted
NA EU New Season 1 Open - Textless
NA EU :33 5,907,608 Season 1 Open
NA EU :25 4,517,856 Season 1 Close
MP3 World :39 941,911 New Opening - voice over
World :39 223,832 New Opening - instrumental
World :31 1,241,425 Opening
World :23 912,282 Close

NOTE: The new opening theme is by Jonathan Davis and is a Mr. Video exclusive, available here before being broadcast anywhere.

NOTE: All movies are 352x240, 29.97 fps, 44.1 kHz, stereo.
NOTE: [VideoCD compatible]
NOTE: All MPEG3 audio files are 44.1 kHz, stereo
NOTE: [MPEG-1 layer 3].

Photo Credits

Forest Whitaker-1: Robert Voets
Forest Whitaker-2,3,4: Nicole Rivelli
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