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Marc Singer, who played freedom fighter Mike Donovan on the original "V" series, will guest star in the Season Two finale. "V," the thrilling drama series about the world's first alien encounter that captivated viewers last season, will make its highly-anticipated season premiere on TUESDAY, JANUARY 4 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on ABC.

Singer will be playing a member of a top secret organization comprised of high-ranking military and government leaders from around the globe who have long suspected that the Visitors - despite what they tell us - are very much not here in peace.

Singer is the second original "V" cast member to appear in the new season. Jane Badler, who played Diana in the original series, is a recurring guest star this season as the mother of Anna.


The Visitors are among us. In a single shared moment, they appear in every major city in the world, promoting a message of peace. They want to share their knowledge of technology and their view that we should all be one, not divided by country, not divided by fear. They want us to unite. And to do so, they are counting on a very important component of human nature: devotion.

At first considered a threat, the Visitors - or Vs - quickly become a fascination and a link to the things that lay just beyond reach. For Tyler, a teenage boy, they are his ticket to being a part of something big and something that offers hope. To Chad, an egotistical news anchor who wants to further his career, his exclusive interviews with Anna, the leader of the Vs, are crucial to his dominating the airwaves. Father Jack, a priest with questioning faith, is hesitant to believe in the righteousness of the Visitors and goes outside the church to search for the truth. There are other dissidents who believe the Visitors are not who they say they are, including Ryan, who is faced with a life altering decision when the Vs show up. And when an FBI Counter Terrorist Agent discovers, while investigating the formation of a terrorist cell, what lurks beneath the alarmingly human exterior of the Visitors, resisting this new world has never been more important - and never has there been more at stake. It truly is the dawning of a new day.

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